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iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner

Hello everyone, this is my fourth message in the forum, but I am bringing you a “big” piece of news. The world first X11 algorithm ASIC chip and the first ASIC Dash Miner - “iBeLink™ DM384M” is here. We have decided to sell completed iBeLink™ mining machines at the initial stage. We are scheduled to sell the first batch of 50 iBeLink™ DM384M at www.dualminer.com very soon, and plan to ship these units in the 1st week of March, 2016. Please check www.dualminer.com for more detailed information.

Who created the ASIC chip and the iBeLink™ DM384M?

This high performance Dash miner is brought to you by Tiannengbo Group, a consortium of high-tech companies based in China. The people behind this consortium believe Dash will be a leading cryptocurrency in the new world economy, so we want to take the leadership in investing and developing these products.

What do the ASIC chip and the iBeLink™ DM384M contribute to Dash project?

We believe that Dash POW provides the security to its 1st tier network, from which Dash can build the 2nd tier (Masternode) and the 3rd tier (various applications) networks. With the success of this ASIC chip and high efficient ASIC mining equipments, Dash is in the major leagues of high level of security hashing power same as Bitcoin and Litecoin. We will produce more efficient ASIC chips and miners as long as the financial incentives make senses.

Where does our confidence come from?

We will provide live demo in Santa Clara, California this coming weekends (both 2/19 and 2/20). You (or ask your friends) can come to check the ASIC chip and the ASIC miner for yourself. Please PM me to set up an appointment.

We have a plan to donate this demo iBeLink™ DM384M to the Dash Foundation in near future.

iBeLink™ DM384M demonstration videos:




Online Store; www.dualminer.com

Tell me , how to buy it is not there at the order site for Russia ?
Tell me , how to buy it is not there at the order site for Russia ?

This is what it says in my country about ordering from Russia

"""We are unable to ship to Russia directly. If you have an import/export agent in China, we can ship to them and they will arrange for the shipping from China to Russia. You are responsible for the arrangement with the import/export agent directly."""
flooding the market would be bad for us miners and dilute earnings further since dash market is small. ibelink being silent to that question is kinda confirming that 2nd batch is probably a lot more than just 50.
Agreed, since not answering the question is indeed an answer. I had hoped they would want to ensure some longevity from a mining perspective for if not for their customers, for themselves and not be just another run of the mil 'bitmain' that floods the market... hope my presumption is wrong tho.
I just saw at least 60 asics come online the last 2 days on NiceHash. As expected pay off is dropping daily.
yes future outlook doesn't seem to look good. i think break even will stretch to easily 3 months minimum if not 6 months. and ibelink is still taking in preorders.

I just saw at least 60 asics come online the last 2 days on NiceHash. As expected pay off is dropping daily.
Guess there goes the overwhelming demand. I still don't understand why we have to wait when they already have them running. This limit order of 3 seems silly since they are already crushing the market.