Shorting ETH & buing Dash


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Oct 12, 2014
Yeah. FOMO is a bad adviser, and FOMO in a vast majority of cases crystallizes into losses :( Every time my fingers are itching to buy/sell, I try to relax, recall the last mistakes, and ... do the opposite :)

Now, I wonder how many people are about to buy DASH at a "good" price of 0.0093? How many of them had the same thoughts at 0.011? FOMO: tomorrow the price will be 0.02, don't miss out!!!
Needless to say the shorting strategy presented in this video I've linked also applies in reverse. Video actually mentions the reverse, creating bubbles, driving up the price. I wouldn't trust what's going on on Poloniex right now. Someone is pulling a savvy pump, done over the course of a few days. It will be painful once he pulls out the rug from underneath suckers who bought into it.


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Feb 25, 2015
Sydney Australia
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Sure, it's tempting, with such uptrend, to make market moves, but for me it's impossible: I am sure there is a tap monitoring my computer, and this tap is wired directly to the markets... because whenever I see a good market trend, and decide to buy, sell, or make any speculative movement, the moment I press the button here in my computer.... boom, the market immediately reverts the trend, and my investment is always in the lose :sad:, seriously, I really feel tempted to play, but my previous experiences where not the best... :oops:
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