Proposal: - Taking Dash to #1


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Jun 3, 2017
Since this proposal was created, more than a dozen formal proposals have been submitted through, all receiving subsidies from to offset the burdensome 5 Dash proposal submission fee. has spent over 25 DASH in proposal fees and subsidies, none of which have been reimbursed.

The site is unfunded by the Dash community, and remains self-funded, as a service to enhance Dash.

It's the only purely web-based submission service for proposals and the only place where proposal owners can receive automatic subsidies on every proposal. As opposed to the other submission options available, submissions on have a 0% loss rate - no errors, as compared to many tales about using more complicated proposal submission platforms.

It's also the only place that allows MNOs to place ratings on past proposals, and the only place that allows the posting of pre-proposals that can be seamlessly upgraded to formal proposals. More than 40 pre-proposals have been submitted on the site, with over 25% of those converting to formal proposals.

Five of this month's active proposals were submitted through and last month five of Dash's funded proposals were submitted at and subsidized by

The great thing about an opensource project is that anyone can participate, and waiting for approval is not necessary.
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