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Max Yoga

Jan 23, 2017
@Mark Mason given the importance and engagement on all of this, would it not be worth you guys doing an interview with both O+M and T&C? Let each of them put their case and their work forward. I think it will help the community understand how they arrived at their logos and what their respective thoughts/perspectives are on brand development as a whole. IMO it should come straight from the creators mouths themselves. This would give MNO's valuable information from which they can make a more informed decision.
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Mar 13, 2014
Update of my slight tweak to the current logo... (advocating staying with what we have)
Refined, cleaned up, slightly more rounded, very slightly thinner, rounded corners all matched.


Q: Because it's already paid for, the DAO will own the O&M logo even if it loses, right?
So we could still use it as an option/secondary?



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Mar 31, 2017
Am I the only one that sees O&M's version as being a D on top and what could be a C on the bottom (though the one on the bottom could be rounded out more to be clearly a C)? It also screams blockchain. (everyone will soon know what a blockchain is)
It's an actual logo and not just a letter or word. Imo a logo should stand out and have clever details that nod towards what it is (not explicitly)
Our current logo has this with its play on the - and the D looking like a C if it were flipped.

I Like the D but it just doesn't scream logo to me. I don't see a reason why O&M can't use our current D in the name under the logo.

That said, I don't think we should "settle" for something we don't like (we already like what we have).. It's either a clear winner or nothing imo..


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Apr 23, 2016
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Dear masternodes owners,

Dash is now the 13th coin in coinmarketcap. Some time ago @amanda_b_johnson said that she only cares for the first 12 coins. So, what are you going to do now, Amanda? Despite this downfall, the masternodes keep talking for the unimportant subject of the visual identity...Vanity! Not only they talk, but even worst they also vote ([1], [2]), as if they have voted for all the rest important governance questions, and only the visual identity is left. The ultimate stupidity of the dash masternode owners, revealed.

Could you please reduce or extinguish the masternode's collateral fee, in hope that the new masternodes that will arrive will be smarter than the current ones?

Yours truly,​
Demo, the infidel DASH slave.​

Dont take coinmarketcap seriously! They denominate in USD and, as everybody knows, USD is a scam coin similar to PTR. So I tried to denominate in BTC and I discovered that coinmarketcap reports wrong! They report that the whole cryptocurrency market capitalization (denominated in BTC) overflows the total number of bitcoins!!!!

Name Market_Cap Price Circulating_Supply
Bitcoin 17.055.855 BTC 1,00000000 BTC 16.943.100 BTC
Ethereum 5.696.524 BTC 0,05785935 BTC 98.454.670 ETH
Ripple 2.907.631 BTC 0,00007437 BTC XRP
Dash 362.897 BTC 0,04552659 BTC 7.971.098 DASH
Total Market Cap: 38.136.380 BTC

There are only 17 millions BTC, but the total market Cap is reported to exceed 38 millions BTC!!!
If BTC is my base measure, how is that ever possible?:mad:

in the wind.

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Oct 27, 2017
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Interesting, reading through all these reactions. I can hardly add anything to it, most things that I wanted to say have been said by others, sometimes even in the exact words!
I quite like the current logo, but that is my personal nerdy crypto opinion. We have to look at what would convince average Joe, and the O&M logo seems to be doing that best.
Seeing the T&C logo was a slap in the face for me and it has not gotten much better over time. It is the current logo, but castrated. It has lost its strength, it is neither a he a she or an it, or perhaps a combination, a s-he-it. It is what the Thai here refer to as ktoey. If you really want to keep that D, keep the current one, the strong one, the fast one, the one that makes a statement.
I also like some of the designs of the people here, though not the Hillary-one... too much illuminati for my taste. (sorry Mark ;) )


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Jul 12, 2015
Goes to show there's only so much you can do with link-type logos. I think we need a new direction and avoid these link-type logos.
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Apr 30, 2017
@kot The logo isn't what will convince the average person to use Dash. IMO you are mixing up two distinct but important aspects of the evolution of the project. I will list what I think the reasons are in each case in order of their importance:

1. Why will people use Dash ?

• deflationary asset seekers (Store of value people will use it, traders less so)
• hedging performance in the cryptocurrency space (Bitcoin/Precious metal holders will use it to hedge their risks)
• commercial trading performance (bartering partners will use Dash for immediate exchange)

2. How will a logo provide value to Dash ?

• future investors will value its continuity as a measure of the asset's stability (since its "community backed")
• commercial vendors will use it it as a point of recognition
• the community will use it as a symbol of identity

None of these justify an arbitrary ditching of the commercial identity and nobody can judge objectively "what works" because in times of change what works is what's confident. Remember the Sex Pistols ? They could barely play guitar but became a brand. English bands used to sing with American accents to get airplay, then one day some of them started singing in London accents and became legends.

The only consistency in all of this is the confidence of the community in what symbolically represents them.

It has to work for them, not their families and not wine swilling graphic artists.
Wine swilling you say..? [emoji13]

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Dash Core Team
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Mar 17, 2015
@TanteStefana Oh... we can do everything we want :)
But I think as soon as we are going back to that one, mainstream adoption is going bye bye :)


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Aug 30, 2015
@ JOL Isn't that just a on/off button?
The video that Triptolemoose posted helped me in my acceptance process of the T&C logo.
But.... both have been rejected, so what happens now?
Back to the drawing board? Or just continue using what we have?

This was a special case. This vote didn't require a supermajority to win. It was a simple preference vote, which ever logo wins with more Yes vs No votes, as long as the network had 20% participation (~960 MN).

Unless some votes change in the next 10 minutes, Tharp & Clark have won the vote by a 250+ lead and satisfied the 20% MN participation requirement.

Congratulations Tharp & Clark, and thanks to the all the community members who took the time to participate in discussions and vote.
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Jul 12, 2015
Degratulations for getting paid when the no votes for both proposals were ignored.


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Mar 30, 2018
The O&M logo says "Hi, we're a company, and we've got a little icon next to our name to prove it." The T&P logo says "There's a new way to pay, and it's called Dash."

Dash is not a company. What's more, the T&P logo has a potential Unicode "D" symbol baked right in, which both preserves the spirit of the current logo and gives a handy currency symbol.

So I vote for T&P's design.
Well said, My Fair Lady! Thank you for providing leadership in this crucial matter.

We risk having an unnecessary hate it or love it logo change and divide/split in community or we could keep on trucking with what we already have and keep everyone happy. Everyone was happy up until now. Nothing has changed in my eyes. I believe MNO's were most interested and eager for a major advertising & marketing strategy campaign push in preparation for Evolution over rebranding.

Vote #Remain
Please don't make this into an emotional/nationalistic Brexit debate. Let's stay calm and let the Masternode votes (in accordance with Core Group guidance) decide.

You should disclose your preference being the result of obsessively shopping the old, outdated Dash logo onto a million pieces of clip art, something nobody told/asked/wanted you to do.

You guys are making a complete mess of this. This proposal is not about currency symbols or "iconic D"s. Go ahead and show me where it says that?

Mercedes Benz, a three point star, originally represented their ambition to rule over "air, land and sea". How many of you knew that? - none? - why not? So who do you think is going to look at that finger in a hole and think "dash"?? The general public doesn't care for your "heritage" and the people putting genomic registration on the dash blockchain aren't thinking about "cash". How small your minds to think that the height of dash's success is to be cash, or stuck with a bland icon that has outstayed it's welcome. All that pent-up nostalgia has gone to your head.

Additionally, if either of these icons are implemented without passing super majority, then kiss goodbye to your "DAO"; the start of a very slippery slope. It would, I suppose, be a governance fork, choosing to abuse the tool you live and die by.
Say it whatever way you want, I'm not using the new logo.
@GrandMasterDash you need to calm the hell down and get a grip. Nobody wants to watch your negativity and hysteria melt down into a full blown tantrum complete with threats to rage quit.

Amanda has provided the thought leadership we needed to rally around our new T&C logo.

All you have to do is follow her lead, or shut up and get out of our way. Pick one and stop your bitching and pouting ASAP.

Dash used to be Darkcoin until Evan decided it would be rebranded, so you can't really use the excuse that you didn't know another rebranding was likely to follow the Xcoin/Darkcoin precedents.

You signed up for Dash's DGBB and are free to leave at anytime if the Masternode votes and Core Group governance hurt your precious little feelings.

Don't stick around here loitering while spreading FUD and making our community toxic; just leave if you don't like the way our DAO and Core Group are running things.
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