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Mar 29, 2017 at 10:27 PM
May 9, 2014
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Dash Core Group Foundation Member Moderator
fernando was last seen:
Mar 29, 2017 at 10:27 PM
    1. pedro
      Ola fernando
      Es portugues?
      1. fernando
        Hola Pedro! No, soy español :)
        Sep 22, 2015
    2. ScottSidders
      Hey Fernando,

      Tungfa reffered me to you for a question concerning regulation. It's no doubt that regulation is coming for crypto in general, but what do you think will happen to DASH users? Since DASH is anonymous, they can't attack individuals, but they can regulate the merchants which would greatly stifle real-world application. Have you thought much about regulation, what is your take on the issue?
      1. fernando
        I don't think Dash is different to other cryptos in terms of regulation. Users have more tools, but they would be equally affected by it. Please note that merchants and users are excluded from most regulation, so no big deal yet. Anyway, I think that trying to regulate cryptocurrencies is like trying to regulate the climate, it's pointless.
        Jul 14, 2015
    3. vadim
      помогайти адрес кошылька где он и на етом ли сайте?
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