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    I will be back July 20 and extending my work into August

    I will be back July 20 and extending my work into August
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Tante Stefana, Masternode Owner

    Tante Stefana already had herself cartoonized. Read her full article here:
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Boxmining, Dash Force China

    Another Dasher has been cartoonized: Read full article here:
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Splawik21, Masternode Hosting and Shares

    Another Dasher has been cartoonized: Q: How and when did you find Dash? A: I’m the kind of person who is open to new opportunities and for years I was looking for a better solution to life other than “normal” work. Read the full article about @splawik21 here...
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Dash.Red, Exuberant Masternode Owner

    Dash.Red gives some really good insight about why he chose Dash to invest in: Plus, did you know that Dash.Red has something planned for Dash in the future?
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    How To Enable On-Chain Scaling - Evan Duffield

    I have one question: have you looked into Graphene? Graphene has already reached 1000 transactions per second.
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: TroyDash, Peacemaker and Masternode Owner

    Continuing with the PEOPLE OF DASH theme, @TroyDASH brings some great insights into Dash. I have long noticed the ability of TroyDASH to bring people together, and I think he's one of Dash Nation's greatest strengths. To read the full interview go here...
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    Amanda is taking a break?

    This basically sums up the reason I got interested in Dash. Without her influence, I doubt i would have even researched it.
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    FYI: Updates

    I wanted to let everyone know that I will be going on vacation from July 9-20, so I'll be mostly offline during this time. Therefore, 'll be extending my proposal into August, continuing to write for Hackernoon and building up the Dash For Newbies Publication during that time. There's another...
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    amanda and pete deserve a nice long vacation

    Writing is more my forte, as I am not much of a "spokesperson". We had a chance to look at my Youtube stats, and they are not gaining traction. I've discussed with dashdisciple, and he agrees that the traction i'm making with writing (focused on Hackernoon) is where I am best utilized at this point.
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Candice (@subspaced) Community Liaison

    Meet a very enthusiastic Dash Community Liaison, Candice:
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    PEOPLE OF DASH: Tao, Founder of Dash Nation

    Find out how the cartoonedTao of Satoshi found Dash in the very beginning:
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    Ledger Nano S: Best Hardware Wallet for Europeans

    @Aniinl wrote a very thorough review of the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet so check it out: I'm constantly scouring Medium for Dash-related articles, so if you want yours to appear in...
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    Oregon Adds Third Dash ATM As Users Demand More Cryptocurrency Options

    So, Dash is available, but just not branded on the outside?
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    Dash For Newbies Subscribers: 404

    Dash For Newbies Subscribers: 404