FYI: Updates


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Mar 5, 2017
I wanted to let everyone know that I will be going on vacation from July 9-20, so I'll be mostly offline during this time. Therefore, 'll be extending my proposal into August, continuing to write for Hackernoon and building up the Dash For Newbies Publication during that time. There's another reason I need to go offline for a bit: I have carpal tunnel in my entire left arm, due to repetitive motion. I have taken several days off due to the extreme pain and this has been helping a bit.

After talking with several influential members, it was concluded that my writing is gaining a lot more traction than my videos, so that is where i plan on continuing the traction.

For example, my personal statistics for Medium have doubled since starting to write the Dash For Newbies publication, so now I receive approx. 54,000 views per month on that platform. The subscriber number is 414, which we accomplished, starting from zero. The most read article in Dash For Newbies is still, How To Get Funded by a DAO.

Moving forward after the middle of August, I'll be contributing to the Dash For Newbies Medium publication and Facebook page as a volunteer.