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Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

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This whatsapp api stuff is pretty interesting, may i ask how your bot is working?

Do you run a simulator or something?
Is there an API?
Wrote a browser plugin for whatsapp web?

hahahahaha had this in mind as well
Did my app automatic take me from testnet to mainnet or do I have to do anything ?
Is it working right now? I have entered that number as a contact and sent "Hi" and "hi" and "Help". No responses so far. I'm in the US. Do I need to do something other than enter this for a number? "+962 7 9924 7985"
Same here
Was working great yesterday on mainnet
Now no reaction
Is this a number of Jordan? :smile: Maybe you should switch to something shorter, like a US number.

best dash service to get mass adoption so far! Your service works how future banking should work. Keep the great work up!
Couldn't get my hands on any shorter number, I will switch to a German number which is shorter than this
Check What is the exact formula for calculating transaction fees?

It actually refers to btc fees, but it might be alike to dash, anyway.

not successful if calculating the fees, where can i find more info?

Someone deposited and sent, and the transaction fee was 0.01957881, thus his/her account now is in negative (had to put from my own wallet to cover it up. so i have to be able to calculate the transaction fees so to warn the user at least
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