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v0.11.1.x InstantX Testing

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wallets out of sync dont really seem to show the out of sync message .. they just silently update to last block ?
2k coming your way MrMime

Status: 0/confirmed (InstantX verification in progress - 0 of 20 signatures ), has not been successfully broadcast yetDate: 2/8/15 09:59To: MrMime yKK1iubz1aLkxASwuyDGrBEBiRJdYBEzpnDebit: -2000.00 tDRKNet amount: -2000.00 tDRKTransaction ID: 34225c4e2bde6119752bbc666ea24dcdc017e950a07f9b3a548d8b25ebbd8a3a-000

Propulsion: Thanks for the help on setting up a masternode using wallet. I now have a masternode running. Cool!
I've got 3000 tDRK from mining!

Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 5 node(s)
Date: 2/8/2015 13:01
To: MrMime yKK1iubz1aLkxASwuyDGrBEBiRJdYBEzpn
Debit: -300.00 tDRKTransaction fee: -0.01 tDRK
Net amount: -300.01 tDRK
Transaction ID: ae3723c1241f618d4e51fbca46e6711ca1886de4976931433760f07919cedc83-000
Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 6 node(s)
Date: 2/8/2015 13:03
To: loktrrr yHrN48MRmNTnDSangzEXUFEykinwhvpyju
Debit: -200.00 tDRKTransaction fee: -0.01 tDRK
Net amount: -200.01 tDRK
Transaction ID: d18ef3d43edbe2b9c8a43a15a99cc15045ee5b6f9127fd1c8c51cb1f2f1a18bd-000
Status: 3/unconfirmed, broadcast through 7 node(s)
Date: 2/8/2015 13:05
To: hashcow y7vZQoDTYFa9qYQatkkqGBzjze6uHN2Dfb
Debit: -200.00 tDRK
Transaction fee: -0.01 tDRKNet amount: -200.01 tDRK
Transaction ID: 9278db859513cde62a9dc6368b83197d4d4006134c9d727628fde84f9c1cbf75-000
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