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Time to lower PrivateSend fee, pretty please -- it's up to ~$6 USD!

fixed by replacing the mixing mechanism of PrivateSend with a cryptographic solution like Zerocoin or zk-SNARKs. PIVX have managed to implement Zerocoin with a lot less resources than Dash. Dash core should be looking to remedy this before it becomes a bigger problem in the future.
Each has pros and cons.

While I agree with your criticisms of DarkSend, it fails to consider the shortfall of the cryptographic "solution." Since blockchains are meant to be perpetual, infinity becomes reality. An encrypted chain is a ticking time bomb. It is not a matter of if, but when. It will be exposed.

I'd rather contend with the failings of the steganographic approach, than the cryptographic.

I'd prefer to work on more ways to improve DarkSend, than scrap it in favor of a time bomb that we pretend isn't a time bomb...

DarkSend is certainly clumsy. But, clumsy is better than nothing at all. On a block chain, where time is nil, cryptography is nothing at all.
I'm sure it's just a fluke that IOTA has knocked Dash out of the top 5 crypto in the world.

Want to bet Bitcoin mainnet will have instant Lightning transactions before Evolution has a public testnet?

Is 1 Dash too much for you to wager on Evolution's public testnet shipping before Lightning on Bitcoin mainnet?
Call him a troll if you want... He raises valid points.

DASH is waayyy behind on this.
You freely choose to bring up Dash's (now former) position as "#5 crypto in the world" as a dishonest way to falsely imply DashCore is competent and actually working on Evolution.

So it's fair game to point out that your preening about market cap rank didn't age very well. You have to accept the judgement of the market when it cuts both ways, not just the upside.

You don't get to brag about being in the Top 5 then cry troll when the very next day another coin blows Dash the fuck out by $2 billion dollars.


Using your own logic, this massive demotion makes a powerful statement about what the market thinks about DashCore and the (non-existent) pace of Evolution development.

I know all about that other coin's snapshots and centralization. It's no worse than Dash's misleading Decentralization Theater, and better in the sense that at least IOTA is honest about currently being controlled by centralized servers/checkpoints (unlike Dash which is in deeeeep denial about being Evan's centralized vanity project and having a spork backdoor/masterkey/override that is the laughingstock of /r/cryptocurrency).

So are you going to bet me 1 Dash that Evolution's public testnet will ship before Lightning on Bitcoin's mainnet? I'll use escrow and donate my winnings to charity if that helps sweeten the deal. Come on, don't be a chicken. Put your money where your mouth is and show the world you really believe DashCoreGroup are better developers than Evil BlockstreamCore!

And by your logic, for how shit dash is, you shouldn't be here.
You should worry less about little old me and worry more about why we see zero progress on PrivateSend improvements and Evolution. No whitepaper, no DIPs, no code. Not even a proper formal specification.

If I didn't come here, how would I ask you to bet me 1 Dash that Bitcoin's devs will get Lightning on their mainnet before Dash's devs get Evolution on a public testnet?

Stop pretending you don't see this offer to make a wager. Man up and take the bet. Prove me wrong and take my money. Unless you are too much of a chicken and know Evolution is vaporware....?

But you don't care, you was telling us how wonderful IOTA is, better than that useless dash without DIPs and so on. So yeah, I don't care about little old you. Nor do I care about your tiny and irrelevant bet.
Guys, dont bother with poor iceytroll, icey go back to bitcointalk, hush...
Can barely imagine how twisted and sad he is. But I do know he's very sore that dash stole moneor's limelight. His butt so sore after predicting monero overtaking bitcoin by 2017. Am sure he'll overlook that.
bet 5 Dash ... that Bitcoin mainnet will have Lightning before Dash can even put up an Evolution testnet.
Why would I bet against my own assessment?

I agree with your assessment. DASH is waayyy behind on it's own ideas. Other coins are doing it because DASH spent years resting on "It'll be great, someday, in the distant future!" Focusing on the wrong things. Infighting and backstabbing. Scamming their own SuckerNodes. Willing to sink their own ship just to make sure nobody else was involved "If I can't have it no one can!" DASH failed to sack up and make the necessary moves. Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory 2.5 years ago. Ignored the outside world. Listened only to the yes men in the echo chamber...

Anyone who points it out is a sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, cis, white, male, patriarchal, shitlord! Mark all posts as troll/dumb! Ignore all feedback that isn't blind, mindless ass-kissing!

Fuckin' nerds...

It's not so much derailed, as the OP touched on a symptom of a larger problem. That problem now being aggravated...
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Uhmmm... With so many legitimate criticisms available, why trot out "the ciphered solutions'" other Achile's Heel?

You know, the problem DASH doesn't have, but every ciphered block chain does.

This is the second reason the clunky-but-superior DS/PS thing was created; it's not encrypted, so there is no key at all. No masterkey. No greatkey. No centralkey. No key to rule them all and in the darkness bind them, in the land of butthurt where the shadows lie...

Yes, "lie" is double entendre. The metaphor... it's so... Precious...
The manner in which Dash was Instamined, the manner in which Dash emission was subsequently slashed to exaggerate the Instamine, and the manner in which Darkcoin was rebranded without Masternode consent certainly make Dash feel centralized.
I think you're using the wrong Pepe...
progress on PrivateSend improvements and Evolution.
This concerns me as well. I posted a request for an update on the 12.3 roadmap. Just a ballpark clue. Not the whole roadmap.

126 reads, not a single reply. It's been a while... I've been very patient. Return of the "Fuck the plebs, back to hookers and blow." attitude...
Evolution is vaporware....?
The Playstation 12 is currently vaporware, too. I guess Sony is doomed and Atari is destined to take over the world because it's not new...
I tried to do some iotas...

I installed the Linux client. It doesn't work.

I installed the mobile wallet. It, also, don't work.

I'm sure MicroShaft will fix everything... Just like they fixed the Zune, XBox, Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows 10, etc...

This Tangle business does sound kinda interesting. I've been saying for years that Blockchains are cumbersome and can't last forever... There's got to be a better way. But, since nothing works, not sure what to do with it...

I guess you can ponzi trade it...
Sorry you lost your iota right before the coin mooned and blew Dash out of the Top 5 by a huge margin. No wonder you are so bitter and resentful about people mentioning iota and especially sensitive when its resoundingly dominant new position vs Dash is discussed.

DAG is less "uncharted" than Evolution because the former actually exists while the latter is still vaporware.

The manner in which Dash was Instamined, the manner in which Dash emission was subsequently slashed to exaggerate the Instamine, and the manner in which Darkcoin was rebranded without Masternode consent certainly make Dash feel centralized.

Hello iCEBREAKER, how are you doing?
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Soooo... after reading more than one page of, well Offtopic, I would like to re-adress the question. Is PrivateSend and/Or InstandSend going to get lower fees?
I tested Instant Send from my android wallet, and it cost me about 0,5 €.
My train of thought here is whether it will discourage people to use Dash for transactions in a day-to-day basis or not?
Paying 1,50€ instead of 1,05€ is a major difference imho.
Thanks for getting this discussion back on track! I have recently documented all current fees, so you can be clear where and how your InstantSend and PrivateSend transactions fees are calculated. See here: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/135070042/Fees

An InstantSend transaction from a single input should currently cost about 7 US cents. I can't speak to any plans for further fee reductions in the future.