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Proposal: The Dash Expansion at Skatopia

Oh, and here is the coping that was bent...and even larger radius so the Dash sign on it will, as mentioned before, be bigger than originally planned :)

Alright all...the party is over, and it was a giant success! The pour is coming this week, for sure, before the deadline, and many people have stayed to help! We have rebar laid to show, and I have many things to report:

1. We will be organizing the evidence of purchases and work done in a neat fashion to easily be read and compared to our proposal supply list.
2. We will be editing video and pics to protect consumers who didn't want to be recorded, and then releasing them...all before the deadline, of course.
3. We have footage of ESPN's reporter and photographer (ended up three of them) shouting out Dash, his experience using it, etc.
4. We handed out Dash to people successfully despite weather issues with heavy rain and wifi. Many ate or drank who wouldn't have had the means to...many got informed about Dash and become VERY interested as a result.
5. The skate contest next to the Dash Expansion was epic and featured a couple pros...one guy was deaf and mute and shredded it up! We have all kinds of footage.
6. The midnight band at the Lula (the stage is the one right next to the Dash Expansion) was epic...from Canada, never played there before, they tore it up while a huge bonfire raged and two cars exploded that we burnt on the fire, huge fireballs, mushroom clouds, cheers, band in awe on stage, epic performance and night...footage and photos coming, and expect to see them also in ESPN the mag. The photographer promised nothing, but said he had Dash shots in the background several times for bands and skating.

So much more to say, so busy...we're cleaning up now, and will be putting together a list, well organized, of what we did contractually, and so forth, by the July 1st deadline. :)

Here's some early pics:






^ there are two cars in that fire...

If that link didn't work, here is the link:

Nudity in this one...singer...


One of the cars before it exploded...there was a flamethrower than started it


During the concert at midnight


Pyrotechnician with flamethrower


Pan view and pyrotech using flamethrower


The band at midnight...fireworks...etc...the drummer's bass drum is seen in the fire foreground...he broke it playing, another band gave him theirs, and he burned his..it was epic! Middle of a song, tosses it in the fire, goes back to playing!


Rebar and poured footers...



We recycle and scrap everything...environmental friendliness need not go away because you also party and burn cars...


Tim parked between the two water tanks for quik-crete work to the footers...


Far more and better to come..we need to recoup for a day or two, then we'll be organizing and posting evidence of tasks completed for the contract AND giving all the press stuff we can (ESPN will release stuff on their schedule, but we will give you the video of them recording us and them interviewed and shouting out Dash and the experience with it...)
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Pouring Thursday...but check out the rebar work and form work...



Trench for the drain. We decided to go further with it

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We at Skatopia would like to thank the Dash community for all their help with this project, along with the approval of the project to begin with. We will be presenting proofs of work in two parts...one now and one tomorrow (or later tonight, actually). We will also release bonus material after that for weeks, as we edit material and new material is submitted to us from others. Here are proofs of work by section of the proposal (the "What we can offer Dash" and "Budget" sections):


The in-house vendor adoption:

See vid001 in the Dropbox material, under Dash Press, linked below

The website adoption for the in-house vendor:


Contracted vendor adoption:


Several Daily how-to presentations:

See vid002, vid003 in the Dropbox material, under Dash Press...most people who were willing to receive Dash and spend it were also unwilling to be recorded (but we successfully gave away the entire $375 in Dash over the weekends, of which about three quarters got spent back with one or more of the three vendors present who took Dash)


See Dropbox material, under the file "Print shop work" and the following pics:





Printing T-shirt:



Bowl construction proof will come after this dump of evidence, as the pour is also going Friday, June 30th...the deadline is July 1st, and the weather has not been cooperative AT ALL, but we're on schedule. Pics of painted logos for Dash and the bowl are coming Friday night, and we will continue to release vids of people skating it, once it cures, etc., as we allow people onto the completed project area.

Above was also proof of handing out free Dash, so I won't repeat that now...

The box of goodies will be mailed Friday morning, featuring our largest sponsorship banner and few other things :) There may be more than one goodie box coming, the later one after the deadline (we have a lot of little extras planned for you guys)


This section will be incomplete until tomorrow night, when we submit the last tool and concrete receipts/pics/vids...but here's what we have so far:

Concrete supplies:





All concrete supplies as listed still remain...the pics are for other concrete we needed that was not funded by Dash, but was for the same project


All tools are going to be shown and proven as bought and used for the project Friday, along with the concrete...we buy them at the last minute to avoid them sitting and being stolen

Misc. construction costs:







The coping receipt was given already, but it will be given again when we dump all the receipts together...for some reason the image of the receipt, which many of you saw, is now not functional on the forum...so we'll work on getting that image back up. We also did coping bending above and beyond the project's scope, as we decided to go bigger than originally planned...

Print materials were previously shown, and vid004 and vid005 in the Dropbox material, under "Dash Press"

How-to presentation materials were featured elsewhere and in the same file in the Dropbox material

The Giveaway

We gave away all the Dash intended, and we also have some useful notes on this in the section we'll label "Lessons Learned" (near the end of Friday evening's update/proof)

Paint materials will appear with Tools and Painted Logos and Concrete work...Friday night.

Dropbox link:

Update: We'll have to break this up into two separate links actually, as Dropbox only holds so much per box for free. Here's the related proof materials, from "Bowl work" to "Dash Press", and finally "BBXXIII" (Bowl Bash 23):


The 2nd link, including "Bands", "Skating", "Fun" and "Fire", is larger and will be completed Friday (today). Then we'll send the evidence of today's work this evening (Friday).
Update: This is the 2nd link, minus one or two videos we couldn't fit into Dropbox. The rest will be released ASAP and be linked here then (we've uploaded all day for these 2 dumps of files). We've been fighting with the internet today due to a phone line issue nearby, so it's taking forever to upload our files to Dropbox, and we had too large and too many files to use just social media. So, here is the 2nd link, and ASAP you'll have a third release of material:



3rd release coming ASAP...

All labor costs will be obvious if not already shown.

ESPN's photographer shouts out Dash in a short clip after using it a couple times with our vendors. That also will be featured in our "fun stuff" coming Friday evening :)

We have a TON of fun video (not directly related to the project) to edit for release over the next 2 weeks. None of this is apart of this contract with Dash, but we will make a point to release video of the event to the Dash community. A lot of people got very enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and its possibilities for the first time. The most common person who took free Dash from us for the vendors was the person who never used Bitcoin and knew little about it, but was open to listening for 10 minutes about Bitcoin, Dash, and cryptocurrency generally. Of those who used Bitcoin before, or said they owned some, none were hostile to the Dash message, and overwhelmingly they seemed impressed by Dash. No one (that we're aware of) had heard of Dash before reading our fliers, social media posts, etc. leading up to the event. We introduced hundreds or more people to Dash, and pretty much everyone understood the basics of what it was by the time they left (it's a payment method, it is fast, it is secure, it has the option to be private). No one was hostile to it.

Anyways, we thank the Dash community for their patience and support with this project. You guys have been invaluable and awesome. We can't say thank you enough.
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More photos of the construction (notice we added additional "dash" stencils to accompany the "Dash - Digital Cash - www.dash.org" stencils. We also increased the size of all stencils!):

Stencil in transition curve:


^ we will do touch ups with acrylic...the stencil was hard to place without tape, which gave us the notches in some letters, given the curve of the transition and coping and the flatness of the stencil itself.

We painted over the entire bus below, and increased sizes of stencils to the size they originally were for only the transition piece :) :


We also added mini logos to give you guys more coverage space around the Lula:


We added these not just to the work area, but to older areas too nearby, to flow aesthetically.


The purple bus used to be purple, but got vandalized and sun bleached into a pink bus...we're happy to have it back to purple, and with nice stenciled logos we can reproduce easily if anyone tags over them again.
You really want to know what it was like to be there? Check out this video, the 2nd official music video shot on location at the party...this is the Inhalants, the band that played the midnight car burnings/bonfire/fireworks...watch the very end of the video for the 2nd exploding gas tank...you can hear the singer scream "that is the craziest thing I've ever seen! oh my god!" It was timed perfect by fate...

WARNING: Male nudity at the end of the video, right before the best part!

Hi all!

It was brought to my attention some time ago that one of my evidence posts was missing. I'm here to start fixing that now. I apologize for the mistake, which was mine individually. I posted all the rest of it over that day and night, and on one of them I must have not hit "post" or something, and it went unnoticed among all the other evidence we've kept coming all along. People have been really complimentary of our details and stream of evidence throughout, but promises are promises, and we promised that content from that post too. So, here is are all the receipts (now featuring not just the ones from the project until July 1st, but also featuring ones from payments finalized after that date):






Some of the tools (bull float, some trowels, etc.)




$700 for shot-crete guy and his pump:


more concrete:









(the next two below are print materials, I believe)



(portable toilet, I believe, below):


(pipe for drains, and drain work, I believe):