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Proposal: The Dash Expansion at Skatopia

Dash is now featured as a payment option in the Skatopia shop (web):


Dash now appears on our list of full sponsors (list does not feature 'merchandise only' sponsors)

Coming soon...large banner design for the archway over the main entrance, rebar work progress, and our contracted vendor going over a test run with us on how to accept Dash.
American Pickers!! Close that deal, you beautiful thing.

(To state the very obvious: if any potential lead ever actually responds back, it's because they're looking for every possible reason to say yes. You can do it.)
Brewce was on the phone with the guy's wife from the show...I'm not a fan, so I don't know...if you said her name, I'd know it, because I was right there laughing while Brewce sold her hard for 45 mins. They emailed Brandon and he sent them a picture set of things they might be interested in. I'd say we're optimistic as of now...fingers crossed! :)
Brewce is a champ. Needless to say, that if you got American Pickers, the regional press would fall into your lap without you having to do more than send an email to them. Great start to a cool looking event.
We have decided to hang 3 of the 6 large signs/banners spread throughout the park that say "sponsored by Dash, digital cash, www.dash.org" in the three row design ON THE THREE STAGES where all of our, as of now, at least 35 bands will play. All filming of bands will give Dash some film time :)

The other three of the signs will feature at strategic intersections of the park's hubs of activity. These signs are the kind we feature permanently for sponsorship, hence they do not say "Bowl Bash" on them, merely "sponsored by...".

We will still send a post-event goodie box featuring signs/banners and stickers, etc...the stuff we sent already (stickers) is a freebie! Thanks to the community!
We have two announcements:

1. There will be a retaining wall, brick, facing out over the hill into the heart of the park. This is the farthest end of the new Dash Expansion. We were going to bury it originally, but we thought we'd paint a large Dash three-tiered symbol similar to the others on the bus and decking. This will be visible from all over the park except on top of the hill (and on the backside of it, obviously). The Pabst symbol on the back of the Lula is a good example of this and where it faces. Well, congrats...we just added a big sign people can see from almost everywhere in the skating area of the park!

2. We are also making the semi-circle part of the coping bigger...so the Dash sponsorship will still be painted there, but it will look better, and possibly be even larger. This requires re-bending that section of coping and having it re-welded, but this is being done at our expense. We just wanted to make an alteration to the design, but since it was to make it larger, we didn't figure the community would mind ;)

More progress reports coming...and expect them fast and furious around and during the event.
Moar detail?

They called a long time ago, he called them back, they couldn't agree on some cost, so he called them back and waived that part of the deal, so at least one journalist is coming. Not sure if it is for the magazine or cable. When I know more, you will know more.
It's ESPN magazine, and from our understanding, it will be a journalist and photographer. No update yet on American Pickers.
It is ESPN the magazine coming; journalist/photographer. Rebar largely bent. Coping bent one last time tomorrow, then welded into the rest of the welded coping. Digging started for the retaining wall, all the bricks are lined up where they will be placed, and the mason is coming tomorrow to lay the bricks. Video, pictures, what have you, coming. I may not give another update until Wednesday, given I have a day off tomorrow to run errands, and Tuesday we plan a road trip to secure some more funding for the project (as we've mentioned before, we borrow the money based on the passed Dash contract, which is paid back when the Dash payments come...the bulk of the Dash doesn't come until long after the project is complete, so we needed to secure funding until then).

Here is a good time to mention we were offered a loan by a very nice person in the Dash community, but we felt and still feel we have it under control. I think this also shows we're honest, as a scammer would accept it and then never pay the loan back, increasing their take. We understand in the cryptosphere there are not just many dishonest people for whom you need to be wary, but also a need to protect and grow our own reputation for honesty. We feel handling costs upfront ourselves shows we not only can be trusted, but that we are resourceful and able to fill the gaps when things don't go perfectly as planned in a deal. It also show confidence in the Dash system/MNs. In the end, we put our reputation for straight business dealings first and look to partner with those also doing the same.

So, thanks again Dash community, for all the support. It's been an interesting ride so far, the proposal process and working for a blockchain and its Masternodes. It's like nothing else we've ever done, and we're really into it. Brewce is talking up (literally - lots of phone conversations) Dash constantly, and when our next proposal comes, it will be concerning adoption of Dash as a payment method in businesses and non-profits we're connected with. But for now, rest assured knowing a lot of press show up to these events, especially local University students with photography or video majors/projects. But professional press does too, from all over the world. We have German, Russian, Spanish, etc. language press videos on the net you can watch...we're frequently the subject of some sort of press, ranging from the Universities to Rolling Stone and TruTV. Which reminds me...the American Picker thing is ongoing via emails...they sent the show pics of things they may be interested in.

Anyways, stay tuned... :)
Still waiting on Pickers...but we've been busy otherwise:

The 6 Dash how-to panels for the flipchart on tripod:







The summary DIY board that posts next to vendor QR code signs/stickers...these are free, we added this to the project free of cost! There will be at least 2 of them (we may have another vendor who has a smoker and will sell BBQ).


And here is the printed banner...fully 30% bigger than we agreed! We're going all out for Dash:


Concrete and brick work...


Well into the night (past midnight):|

The six Dash signs spread throughout the park, as contracted (3 go on the 3 stages), again slightly larger than agreed:


More concrete pics...






More to come...the pour is scheduled for next week, during the week, and this weekend will see the install of all the remaining rebar and masonry work. Also, last dirt work before we can paint the NEW and FREE, GIANT Dash logo on the retaining wall.
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Hi guys , as a skaboarder , I love the idea and the iniciative, I hope this gets approved and the money is spent in a way that would benefit both sides . good luck
It is approved, but we haven't received any payments yet. And sorry for the confusion, but that other site is where you submit and track proposals, and this is where you discuss them, mostly, so we linked back here from there.
Things went well this weekend, gearing up for the scheduled pour this Wednesday. Pics and video coming after it is edited...we record all the bands.
ESPN magazine taking photos of Brandon welding the coping to the Dash Expansion...they will be back next weekend and will receive free Dash and hopefully therefore will feature Dash in something. :) The construction as scheduled would be finished by the time they return, so they'd see a finished product and the before shots as well.

Receipt from coping bending...


The pour date was stalled due to on and off again rain on Wednesday...we had time, so didn't want to chance it. We are still in plenty of time to pour before the July 1st deadline. :)