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Proposal: The Dash Expansion at Skatopia


Thanks to the community for helping us tailor the pre-proposal(s) into the current proposal.

(Proposal, Part 1)


If you read the original pre-proposal for this project last month, you'll notice WE HAVE DOUBLED THE NUMBER OF DAYS FOR THE EVENT (from 3 to 6), but kept the cost almost exactly the same. Now the Bowl Bash 22 event is going to be two consecutive weekends, and some people will stay here during the week between as well. We're still expecting no less than 1,000 people for the duration of the event. Also, bands will be playing live at Bowl Bash on all three stages, and that includes the stage directly across from the Dash Expansion area of construction.

(Yes, if you sponsor this project, all large events that feature enough bands for us to open the second stage, will have live bands playing right in front of the Dash sponsored area.)


We'd also like to thank the strangers who have donated Dash to help alleviate the burden of the proposal fee.

For ease of reading this long/detailed pre-proposal, we will use bold print for areas of relative importance throughout.

Overview and Agreement Structure

We (Skatopia) wish to present the Dash community with a chance to sponsor an expansion of a world famous extreme sports and concert venue in exchange for a number of benefits, including naming and labeling the new edition (to the existing Lula Bowl) after Dash. We also have some future proposals in mind, which will be explored below.

All project funds asked for in this proposal are paid over a three month period, which allows the Dash community to stop at least the last payment if they find we are not keeping to our side of the agreement. We structured the pre-proposal this way to mitigate risk for the Dash community when dealing with a new contractor/partner (us). Our business reputation for upholding contracts with sponsors spans 22 years this year, so we're not worried if you wish to do due diligence.

Evidence that the specific funded activity has been actually completed will be submitted where practical, including photos and videos of before, during, and after activities, including images of the areas of importance for construction and giveaways/how-to presentations. The duration of this arrangement with Dash's Masternodes is from the date of the first payout (the return of the submission fee in the first week of May 2017) until the first week of July 2017 (the deadline for reimbursement payments for which Skatopia provided evidence of completion). The construction completion date is set for July 1st, 2017 or before, depending on what weekend weather permits, but it will absolutely be completed by July 1st, 2017. That is the deadline date of construction for the sake of this agreement. The date which concludes this agreement is the July date of our last payout (the first week in July).

To sum up, if the proposal is passed by the Masternodes, the 5 Dash anti-spam submission fee will be returned along with the cost of the project/sponsorship in three equal payments over a three month period, from the 1st week in May 2017 until the 1st week in July 2017.

In the future we'd like to work directly with Core (perhaps Marketing) on a pay-after-we-prove model for merchant adoptions based on commission-only (so we only get paid for successful adoptions). Right now, the budget system for proposals doesn't really allow that efficient and risk mitigating model for the community for two reasons: A) the payments over months have to be equal in amount, and B) the pay-as-we-prove model is not easily implemented in a single proposal, causing fees and risk on the side of the proposer to be ever increasing and untenable. We believe we can score a large amount of merchant adoptions through our for-profit and non-profit partners and sponsors, so we're confident about working on commission. So, we're hoping this proposal with a traditional funding model will pass, establishing trust on both sides, so that we can work together in that way in the future (until such a time it can be done directly on the network).

Interesting detail:

We are being extended a short term line of credit from a friend of the park who first introduced us to Dash back in October of 2016. This individual is confident enough in Dash's Masternodes and treasury system to loan us the amount upfront we'd be short to complete the project going into the last payment (the project completes on July 1st 2017, but final payment won't come until days later). So, a Dash treasury agreement is being used as the basis for the creation of credit in the form of a loan in real life.

What is Skatopia?

Skatopia is an eighty-eight acre, nearly 22 year old non-profit skateboard park and extreme sports destination located in Rutland, Ohio. It's owned and operated by founder, Brewce Martin (a now retired professional skateboarder). It features a museum of skateboarding history with exhibits spanning nearly 100 years of skating culture, thousands of unique boards, many ramps for skating (seven unique bowls), two standalone stages for bands and one small stage for more intimate shows, 88 acres of land for visitors to explore and enjoy, and the Pabst House (the product of a former long term sponsorship with Pabst Beer Company). It has a dedicated annual turnout which is dependable and enthusiastic, and hails from all over the world.

Skatopia also has strong long term business relationships with dozens of area businesses in several States, both as collaborators and sponsors, some of which are featured on the skatopia.org website. The park was featured in an episode of MTV's 'True Life', 'Viva La Bam', Fuel TV's countdown of 'Best Backyard Scenes', and more recently in an episode of the documentary series on Netflix, 'Unplanned America'. The park was also featured in the video game 'Tony Hawk's Underground 2', as the final level. Further, it's constant coverage by skateboarding media led to a profile in Rolling Stone. They also have a full length documentary filmed on location over a several year period, 'Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy', which was an official selection of several film festivals, including Sundance. More than a thousand bands have played live at Skatopia, including names like Black Flag, GWAR, Lamb of God, Immortal Technique, Green Jelly, etc.

At our last party at the end of March/beginning of April, we had no less than 10 bands play live, and many of them played multiple days. That annual party was the smallest of our annual parties. Our next event is of comparable size, an educational conference, and it takes place in early May. Every event following the conference is quite a bit larger. The event we are asking Dash to sponsor, along with the Dash Expansion, is Bowl Bash 22, and it spans two consecutive weekends from June 16th-18th to June 23rd-25th. Some people will stay here during the week between parties, so the event is technically June 16th-25th, but fewer people will be here on weekdays and the contracted vendor will not be here, so we didn't include those extra days as part of the agreement.

There are two entities: Skatopia the museum and park, and Skatopia's print shop. The print shop has the capability of printing stickers, signs (up to billboard size), and t-shirt production. Skatopia also has its own line of wheels for skateboards, in collaboration with Bones Wheels, and had a shoe line with Draven (a company licensed to do work for bands like The Misfits and The Ramones). Skatopia also had its own clothing line through their deal with Volcom, and a skateboard line with Eastern Skateboard Supplies.

Skatopia is also a community, with several people living on the premises full time, contributing labor to the park and print shop to maintain them, fill print orders, and set up for expansions (in preparation for additional labor to realize the plans). In addition to in-house labor, Skatopia has a small but constant flow of volunteers. Parties are held to attract more labor for expansions, and are annual events.

Skatopia has one in-house vendor on location, a website, and an outsourced/contracted vendor that can all potentially offer Dash as a payment option. The park also never closes. It's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (although the contracted vendor is only present for parties and possibly conferences, and the in-house vendor keeps regular business hours).

What Can Skatopia Offer The Dash Community?

What Skatopia can offer to the Dash community is a relatively large following of people who can be made aware of the technology, an in-house vendor that can adopt Dash as a payment option, a contracted vendor who can adopt Dash, a website that can adopt Dash, several daily quick presentations over the course of the next multi-day party on what Dash is, how to download the wallet, receive and send payments, use instant and private features, and how to use Dash at point-of-sale in real life.

Skatopia can also offer a large banner displaying that Dash is sponsoring the next party. This also includes six medium size banners posted all over the park to the same effect, and a t-shirt for the presenter of the Dash how-to tutorials (identifying him instantly to all, inducing conversations). The presenter will also get an area (or "booth") near the vendors to set up for point-of-sale demonstrations and general help, highlighted with a medium size banner.

We can also offer to name the new expansion of the Lula Bowl we are constructing at the next party after Dash ("The Dash Expansion"). This area is directly across from our second of three stages for live music and other performances, assuring Dash marketing will feature heavily in any large event. When sponsorship is in place the expansion is permanently (barring unforeseen considerations*) named after the sponsor. We have precedence for the market value of such an arrangement, given past sponsorship and past marketing agreements for specific areas of the park (the Pabst House, as part of the overall Pabst Beer Company sponsorship deal, as one example). We also have some very long term and loyal sponsors who have their brand featured all over the park (Independent Truck Company, for example, and Volcom Industries). We may market long term sponsors more than contractually obligated, as a show of appreciation.

If this proposal passes, Skatopia will receive reimbursement for the funding necessary for the Dash Expansion, and Dash will receive in return:

1. A new audience for Dash
2. An in-house vendor adoption
3. A website vendor adoption
4. A contracted vendor adoption
5. Several daily Dash how-to presentations (for the duration of the next multi-day party) on how to download the wallet, sending and receiving coins, using private and instant features, and using Dash for in-real-life point-of-sale scenarios, etc.
6. Printing and hanging one very large banner and 6 medium sized banners** signaling Dash's sponsorship of the event and project
7. Printing a t-shirt for the presenter of the Dash how-to tutorials and giveaways
8. A large outdoor skateboard bowl expansion (obstacle) named after Dash with a large pre-existing stage right across from it; this expansion will feature the Dash logo painted all over the decks around the bowl and on the back of the extension (logo includes the "digital cash" phrase along with the Dash logo itself and website)
9. The above mentioned presenter will also hand out $5 in Dash to the first 12 or 13 people per day (75 total people over the 6 days) who sit through a presentation and/or downloads a Dash wallet at Bowl Bash 22, then will steer the recipients to the participating vendors; prices are structured in such a way as to promote people taking home a little Dash - which promotes their return to spend it, and keeps them thinking about Dash
10. Video and/or photo evidence of all of the above where possible and practical (obviously the identity of some participants may not be revealed due to their preference)***
11. Free entry into the park any time of the year for the duration of the sponsorship for the Core Team, active Developers, and any other Dash employee or person deemed a friend of the company (up to the mutual discretion of Skatopia and Dash communities)
12. A box of "goodies" from the project mailed to Dash (if someone provides us an address), possibly including some of the banners as keepsakes, and definitely 25 stickers of the type handed out to everyone at the party

(* 'unforeseen considerations' such as events that might damage the reputation of Dash so severely as to negatively effect Skatopia's bottom line; however, no such considerations have ever come to pass for any of our sponsors, and Dash is also free to ask us to remove any sign of sponsorship of the expansion at their discretion, as we are free to remove it at any time, or remove Dash as a payment option, due to the above mentioned reputation damage)

(**The large sign (banner) is 44 inches by 8 feet ; The six medium signs (banners) are 2x2 feet; six flip-board signs for the how-to presentations are 24x36 inches; one 2x2 feet sign for the Dash giveaway and how-to area)

(***Photos and/or video will be presented of the area of construction before major work begins, during the process of construction, and after the completion of construction. Further evidence will be presented, where practical, of the purchase of the concrete and other supplies. Evidence will also be presented of any of the other aspects of the project where practical, especially if requested.)


The next event is on May 6th and 7th, 2017 (the S.E.E.D conference). The next major party is scheduled for June 16th-18th and 23rd-25th, 2017 (the Bowl Bash). This agreement will sponsor the Bowl Bash party, our largest of the year (expecting minimum 1,000 people over the course of the two weekend, depending on weather). That is the event where the banners of sponsorship will be hung throughout the park and the event we hand out free Dash and do how-to presentations on how to use Dash. The work on the Dash Expansion will be completed no later than July 1st, 2017. It may be completed sooner if labor is available. Skatopia is incentivized to get the work done while we have all the extra labor at the events, so proscrastination on the project is not an option.

(To be continued in Part 2)
(Proposal, Part 2)


Itemized requirements and costs for this project:

Concrete Supplies
Concrete: 20 yards at $114 per yard = $2280
Shot-Crete Operator: $30 per hour for 8 hours = $240
Boom/pump truck: $150 per hour for 8 hours + $3 per yard for 20 yards + $100 for 100 additional feet of boom at $1 per foot = $1360

Total = $3880

1 5x30 Fresno Curve = $59
1 5x30 Fresno Flex = $55
1 24x2-1/2 Radius Bender = $30
4 Trowel Pool White 3x6 grip = $66
2 Trowel Pool White 3x8 grip = $37
2 Trowel Pool White 3x10 grip = $41
1 6' radius trowel = $72
1 8' radius trowel = $80

Total = $440

Miscellaneous Construction Costs
Coping bending: $190 for 2-7/8 + $155 for 2-3/8 = $345
Rebar: 15 3/8" 20 foot lengths at $4.77 per stick and 50 1/2" 20 foot lengths at $7.53 per stick = $448

Total = $793

Print Materials
1 Large Size Sign (Banner at the Entrance): 44 inches by 8 foot at $1 per square foot = $29
6 Medium Size Signs (Sponsor Awareness Park-wide): 2x2 feet at $24 for all six = $24
1 Medium Size Sign (Dash How-To Area): 2x2 feet = $4
Stickers/Small Signs for Vendors (QR Code, Vendor Acceptance, and Promotional Stickers): 100 stickers 4x4 inch promotional = $32 (2 vendor stickers with QR codes are free and 25 extra promotional stickers are free, sent to the Dash team)

Total = $89

How-To Presentation Materials
Shirt for the Dash Presenter/Free Dash Distributor (labor included) = $25
6 24x36 inch flip-board signs (canvas banners) for how-to presentations (labor included) = $52
1 24x36 tripod whiteboard flipchart easel for how-to presentation boards = $65

Total = $142

Promotional $5 in Dash Giveaway
Free Dash Fund: $5 in Dash for 25 minimum unique people per day for 3 days (we are expecting 1000 people for the Bowl Bash's weekend) = $375

Total = $375 in Dash

Paint Materials
3 colors of paint at $7 per color and $8 in brushes = $29

Total = $29

Labor Costs****
Presenter's Time (Tony): 8 hours = $80
Printer's Time (Brandon and Shawn): 10 hours for design, printing, etc. (Brandon), 3 hours for cutting and clean-up (Shawn) = $130
Shirt Maker's Time (Brandon): hours for design, template, production = included in the cost of the shirt
Promoter's Time (Brewce): 6 hours handing out stickers that include Dash references) = $60
Video and Photo Technician's Time: 2 hours (Tim, Brandon, and Shawn) = $60
Laborer's Time (Tim and Shawn): 6 hours for help with above mentioned jobs (Tim and Shawn) = $120
Painter's Time (Brandon): 6 hours = $60

Total = $510

Proposal Fee
Proposal Fee Reimbursement = 5 Dash

Total = 5 Dash

Grand Total (all prices will be translated into Dash values and locked in at the price on the date of the proposal's submission to the network...this price will be specified at the time of the proposal submission) = $6,258 (in Dash) and 5 Dash

****Hourly pay is calculated at what we thought, given local economic conditions, was a fair (but not high) wage of $10 an hour. The labor seeking compensation is ONLY the labor used to do the presentations, distribute the free Dash, print the materials needed for both, make the shirt for the person doing both, producing video proof of our activities, handing out Dash promotional material (stickers), and help place, erect, paint, etc. any of the larger signs, especially the largest one. No other labor is asking for compensation. The Dash Expansion will be built by the collaborative labor of dozens of volunteers who came to the park events. The vast majority of labor for this project will be volunteer labor. We only asked for compensation for tasks that require labor before all the volunteers show up (when labor is in short supply and therefore at a premium) or that is done exclusively to educate the public about using Dash, either as a vendor or consumer. All Labor Costs are total for the entire multi-day event.

Payment Schedule

Three equal payments will be paid out in three consecutive months (May, June, and July 2017).

Payment A (in the first week of May 2017) = 2,086 (in Dash) and 1.66 Dash
Payment B (in the first week of June 2017) = 2,086 (in Dash) and 1.66 Dash
Payment C (in the first week of July 2017) = 2,086 (in Dash) and 1.66 Dash

The $5 in Dash we're giving away to 75 unique people over 6 days (75 total people out of the expected 1,000 minimum coming). Of the remaining amount ($5,883), $5113 of it is directly the cost of the construction project. The other $770 is directly related to Dash activities, promotions, marketing, etc.

So, essentially, Dash's budget system is paying 5 Dash to accept the proposal (reimbursement), $1,145 ($375 + $770) to promote Dash, give it away to 75 people, pay for tutorials, and all the other merchant and marketing aspects of the agreement over the six day Bowl Bash event, and lastly $5,113 for lifetime sponsorship (and advertisement) of the Dash Expansion of the Lula Bowl. As per our usual sponsorship agreements for construction, the cost of construction is the cost of the sponsorship. The rest is purely to promote Dash at the party. Beyond construction, voluntary labor will be used to adopt Dash as a payment option for Skatopia's website, their in-house vendor, and their contracted vendor, plus any other technical help needed to fulfill the tasks in the agreement.

Payment Address:


Standards of Evidence

Evidence will be presented in the form of pictures and video of the work site before, during and after construction, of concrete trucks, the shot-crete operator, his equipment, actual concrete, paid labor, etc. Receipts will be presented where possible for any of the above and for tools, etc. The printing process will be filmed and/or photographed. In every practical and possible way where reasonable, we will provide evidence of our expenses and met obligations for this agreement.

We are known widely to use re-purposed materials, scrap and otherwise used or salvaged materials where possible to reduce costs, so it is possible some costs may end up less than the prices listed in the Budget section of this agreement. This will not effect the promised amount of sponsorship marketing. Originally, we wanted to do this proposal on a pay-after-proof model, so our use of such materials would have benefited the Dash community. As the proposal is currently constructed this use of materials may appear to disadvantage the community, but rest assured, if any such cost change happens we will be transparent about it and make up for it in a way that pleases the community. We just know the solution can't be to buy brand new items we don't actually need. We try to do our part to keep our environment healthy.

Future Projects

If successful with this proposal, we have many exciting ideas for future proposals on how to expand the acceptance of Dash among vendors/merchants in our area and with whom we have strong business relationships.

We've already begun discussing adoption with some of our larger sponsors, and we're pleased to report they are receptive to the idea. We also noticed previous projects aimed at adoption were paid upfront, or despite lack of results (but not because of lack of effort, necessarily). We can use a reimbursement model here by offering to get adoptions based on commission. We won't ask for payment for a single adoption that doesn't occur first. Again, this idea is reliant on the same pay-after-proof model, which requires a level of trust to make it happen between ourselves and your Marketing team, which is why future proposals are somewhat dependent on this one succeeding.

We also saw talk of a contest, perhaps, in which per capita area adoption would be the criteria by which victory is judged. We'd like to mention Skatopia is located in a town of less than 400 people and we know most of the vendors. We want to see a world where decentralized digital cash is all that's necessary to use if one chooses, so we could set out to get every vendor we use ourselves to adopt Dash. The first targets for adoption would be merchants with which we are already well associated through Skatopia. The second targets will be businesses we ourselves use (to attempt to create a local/small Dash-only-option ecosystem). The third targets would be "cold sales" to vendors in our larger area (nearby towns, etc.). The targets would be done in that order in hopes that some of the third targets have connections to the first and second. Some targets may require an incentive to adopt, the structure of which we'll propose at a later date.

We also have toured all over the North America, Europe and South America. We have contacts in the concert and extreme sports business, and may go on tour again in the near future. If so, we have a pink limousine that would look great with Dash plastered all over it with advertisement signs...so a possible sponsorship and mobile info/adoption tour could take place parallel to our own tour.

Skatopia also is hired to build community skate parks and other such projects from time to time, so there is a possibility of us accepting Dash for more than just park-related activities.

We have several annual parties/concerts and a conference, several of which we are already advertising on social media and our mailing list.


We have a few other ideas, including partnering with us to give away food at local food banks and community centers to those in need, but I think we've given the Masternodes a general idea for now of our level of interest and willingness to labor for the advancement of Dash.

Closing Statement

Skatopia hopes the Dash Masternodes will see the value in this project proposal, in terms of more vendor adoption, more in-real-life use cases and ecosystem development, long term advertising to a receptive demographic, and the possibility of not only a permanent structure providing long term marketing to a location with thousands of annual visitors, but also a possible long term, mutually beneficial business relationship.

We have enclosed a quick video introduction (don't mind the lens smudge; we've been known to get muddy) and slideshow of the park, some of the pro athletes who visit here, and the location relevant to this specific proposal. The area of construction is shown from several angles at the end of the video/slideshow. We may add some pictures and videos throughout the month of April for your enjoyment. Please enjoy, and thank you all for your very valuable time.


Other Links:

Skatopia's Landmark Facebook page

Skatopia's Organization Facebook page

Brewce Martin's Facebook page

Skatopia's website

Skatopia's 2nd Annual S.E.E.D. Conference Facebook page

Skatopia's Bowl Bash 2017 Facebook page
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Ok, now it is good practice to leave at the top of the proposal: a manual voting line, a link to this proposal on Dashcentral, and also state clearly how many Dash you are asking for (i.e., denominated in Dash, not dollars)
We will keep that in mind for future reference. Thanks for the heads up, lynx. I actually linked Dash Central to here. I should have cross-linked. I wasn't aware of the rest being pretty standard. Our next proposals will reflect your advice.

EDIT: The reason I am not changing this proposal is that we are passing by a nice margin and I would not want to make a change halfway through the process while succeeding. If it isn't broke don't fix it, they say. But the next proposals will reflect the advice.
We will be releasing the list of bands playing at the stage right across from the Dash Expansion later this week. We're also doing a skate competition in the area as well, and of course will film as much of it as possible.

Who's an appreciative recipient of a sponsorship? We are :)

"Brandon William Martin
18 hrs ·

We are to be holding another skate competition at the Lula bowl around 3 PM on Saturday the 24th. There will be prizes and live bands playing on the stage next to the Lula!"

Hi all,

We have some progress to report. Keep in mind most of this project cannot be done until the event. However, some can be done beforehand, and here is what we were busy doing so far...

This is the main area on the back side of the Dash Expansion, where it ends and the hill begins down toward the center of the park. You can see all the bulldozer work done so far to that and the roads. This has to be done to get the concrete truck and pump up to the where it is needed, but also for structural support for the backside of the Dash Expansion.


This is the drain which collapsed and needed replaced for the part of the Lula right past the bus that is a featured part of the Dash sponsorship.


Again, the roadwork, with the back of the Dash Expansion visible and the stage right across from it.


And here is after he started, but the road wasn't done yet...either much of the hill....to give you some idea of the progress.


Last shot shows some of the rebar almost ready to begin going in...green and rust colored stuff, some already bent for use.

Love this idea! Please see my 1969 VW DASH BUS Pre-Budget proposal!

My goal is to have my 1969 VW BUS rolling up to all kinds of festivals, concerts and meet-ups in a Dash Bus that represents us in a cool, professional way.
Thanks! We will have more updates soon...we did some surveying yesterday, and have pics, we just haven't had time to sit down and put them online yet. I'd do it now, but they aren't on my phone.
And because Amanda asked me over at Dash Central, let me make it clear we have new cell towers somewhat near the park, and you can get phone service in specific hot spots, and the wifi for internet works in more places actually. The vendor area of course is one area where things work. It's 88 acres in a rural area, so of course the whole park doesn't have service...but you don't need it except where you can spend things anyways. :)
We printed some stickers with several hues of blue and sent them to the address on the website...enjoy. Stick them everywhere!

Any way to round up some press local/regional before this event takes place? Maybe some bloggers who write about this type of thing?
If we can get any positive attention, we will! This is an annual event now for 22 years, and well known. Pictures are coming of all the rebar work we've been doing, tools we bought, etc. People have begun showing up early to camp out, so things are ramping up. We never turn down positive press and actively seek it. If you have any ideas, that you feel we're neglecting, please feel free to tell us!

As a side note, we're expecting about 1,000 people over each weekend (2 of them), so hundreds per day...just to give you an idea of the size of the event.
If we can get any positive attention, we will! This is an annual event now for 22 years, and well known. Pictures are coming of all the rebar work we've been doing, tools we bought, etc. People have begun showing up early to camp out, so things are ramping up. We never turn down positive press and actively seek it. If you have any ideas, that you feel we're neglecting, please feel free to tell us!

As a side note, we're expecting about 1,000 people over each weekend (2 of them), so hundreds per day...just to give you an idea of the size of the event.

A large, unique event that's been around for 22 years. Sponsorship from a digital currency during the midst of a high profile, high stakes cryptocurrency landgrab. Paid by the first true DAO.

You are in prime position to get positive press, but the ball is still in your court:

1) Make a list of your regional newspapers/radio stations.
2) Contact specific individuals within these organizations systematically. Spark their interest while remaining personal and friendly. If you succeed in convincing them that something interesting and newsworthy is happening, they'll be thrilled you've spoonfed them a story. Successful press is a combination of sales/dating. Treat it as such.
3) If you get an article or an interview, please feel free to contact me directly for further counsel.

Step 4 involves leveraging regional press stories outward. ex: If you get a small town paper, you pitch that to a city paper. If you get a city paper, you pitch to a news station, etc. The best national and international newstories very frequently start out from extremely small local press.
@dashdisciple Has nailed it! Please update us on this :D
I appreciate that, Guerrera.

I've signed on with DashTreasury.org as a volunteer MNO expert in marketing. If any pre-proposal, current proposal owners, or funded proposal owners would like to get a bit more juice out of their work, I'm available to do an independent evaluation of your proposal, then attempt to formulate concrete objective ways it could either be done easier, provide more value to Dash, or both.

In real life, I am a marketing director and business owner, but in my spare time I enjoy doing everything I can to move the needle on Dash.
Of course there's art in evaluating marketing proposals, but most of it is pretty boring numbers, employing the same tried and true tactics and estimating conversion statistics by medium.