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Proposal: Infrastructure - Basic Needs

Well, I'm willing to consider other options, but the "good enough" comparison you're making isn't an equivalent comparison.

Speed is the goal. There is no way we can rent a server with the specifications I'm looking for.

I'm still rearranging items to fit under budget (would rather have $6000 for a 4 socket, 48 core machine), but the current specs look like this:

16 cores at 2.8 GHz -- we need massive threading to compile all the PC/Linux/Mac flavors quickly.
64G Ram -- gitian deterministic builds need lots of room. I want more, but am having to compromise.
2TB SSD -- Lots of very fast I/O for above. 1TB OS/Userland (low wear), 1TB compile (high wear) - the Samsung 850 Pro's I'm looking at are rated very well and are a fantastic value for the money. -- I'll probably shrink these in lieu of ram after gitian profiling.
12TB Disk -- Lots of space for backing up every service we have and storing every compiled artifact for ipfs (internal) distribution. Am looking at WD Gold 6TB's.

I do agree we could do it cheaper, but only by compromising attributes I wish to build upon.

You've made a good case, and answered the most relevant questions, no need to nickel and dime it. I'm sure your proposal will pass.

@moocowmoo You're right, the specs are not the same. If you really feel like those specs are necessary, go for it, as such high-end spec computers are probably cheaper if colocated then rented. I'd argue that the specs you mentioned is a huge overkill, and waiting a bit more for a build to be ready does not justify the investment, but I won't.

I know working on overspecced computers is a lot of fun, and probably the productivity gain because of this is worth the excess expenses, because you'll put in extra effort to make it work flawlessly. For a good-enough computer this extra would be missing. Now go and make it happen. :)
We haven't decided yet, but either I or @flare will be performing the build and co-locating the server near whomever builds it.
I've got a SuperMicro 2U with 32GB ECC RAM and 8 Xeon cores. Free to a good home. If anyone cares... I don't use it anymore. It doesn't replace what you're building, but it can't hurt as a supplement. Plus, FREE! Everything is high-performance when it's free!

One of the first platforms with real bare metal IPMI, woot! No more crying to the datacenter for a reboot, or what the error might be...
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SuperMicro 2U with 32GB ECC RAM and 8 Xeon cores. Free to a good home.

Wow! That's generous of you @camosoul! I'll give it a home in my rack here and configure it as one of the backups until we have additional budget for more co-location. I'll pm you the details.

what do you think @moocowmoo ?

Absolutely! Backup hardware is always a good thing to have!
I remember the discussion over at Slack, but it's not there any more: what was the reason why we don't run our own mail server?
I did not take part in the discussion. Perhaps, preventing the DDoS attack will be an administrative burden. Protonmail got DDoS attack back in Nov 2015. I think they paid 15 BTC ransom for the first attack. I think we should have something like FlowingMail on our MN network because Gmail is going to be a hidden issue unless DASH will be eventually owned by Google.
Hey, guys. I want to have a discussion about email account for DASH evolution. I remember seeing it requires a ProtonMail account which is fine for the general user. However, I have real concern about using Gmail or ProtonMail. I have been searching for a solution. Personal email server will not work for people have no resource to handle the DDoS attacks. I came across the idea of FlowingMail and DaveMail. But, they are still in their infancy stage and nobody knows they will work well until we have something to test it. Then, I came across Cassiopeia's BitMail today. Could we have some discussion over this email topic? Should I start a new thread?
Hi @GermanRed+
There will be no requirement to have a ProtonMail or Gmail account (or even any email account) to use Evolution. It will be one of the available options.
Hi @GermanRed+
There will be no requirement to have a ProtonMail or Gmail account (or even any email account) to use Evolution. It will be one of the available options.
That's good to know. When will we see Evolution coming out? I have to admit that I have been very lazy not reading/following the development here recently. After all, my MNs are running happily and stably so why bother to read the forum. But, then I wonder what other altcoins are doing so I did some readings on their DApps. It seems there are many altcoins with DApps now. I don't know how many are their own ideas but it seems to me that many are what we had discussed in the DASHTalk forum here. The main advantage of DASH I observed (correct me if I am wrong here) is that the DASH network is much bigger than other altcoins focusing on DApps similar to those we have discussed at DASHTalk. Do we have some real statistics to show potential new DASH investors that before we launch Evolution? I forgot to bookmark that site that shows how many real full nodes or 2-nd tier nodes are there for altcoins.
Hi @GermanRed+
You are right - we have a big and strong network indeed (even comparing to Bitcoin, not only to all of these Etherium clones/alts with DApps).
We have released a Technical Roadmap for Evo development and it was for 2 years originally.At the moment we work intensively on optimization of the finance model and development process to get there in 1 year.
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A HUGE THANK YOU to @camosoul for donating his server to the dash network!
@camosoul drove three hours out of his way to drop it off to me today!
Everybody give @camosoul a huge thanks!

Front needs a bit of cleanup, but inside is near spotless.


supermicro 823T-550LPB chassis with six hot-swap drive bays SATA backplane, 3.0Gbps
supermicro X7DBE MB
Two Xeon E5450's @ 3GHz (4 cores each)


32G ECC DDR2-667 RAM


550 Watt PS (cannabis friendly with warrant removal feature!)


supermicro AOC-SIMLP-3 Dedicated IPMI card


500GB Drive


It's alive! :)


Just needs some rails, admin config tlc, and new drives to fill with dashy goodness!
I look forward to placing this machine right next to our new build in August!

Thanks again @camosoul!
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"cannabis friendly" power supply - that took me a while :D:D:D
Anyway, nice to see some hardware stuff :) And yep, thanks @camosoul !

PS. Ahh... I almost feel nostalgic for all these blades, cables and stuff... Good old days... :rolleyes: