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  • Ryan, I am Eric from the Blockchain World Conference, this event will be held in July in Atlantic City NJ. This event promises to be the single largest gathering of accredited investors in blockchain history. Who should we contact to invite Dash to participate in this event? Also, my email is [email protected] in case you would be interested in speaking at the event. Many thanks!
    Hi - who in your organization can I connect to about talking about Dash with the developer community in India?
    Dear Mr. Taylor,
    I'm an editor with Russia's largest crypto community (over 75,000 subscribers on Telegram). It would be interesting for us to publish your opinion on the current state of DASH.
    I would highly appreciate it if you could agree to an interview (either on Telegram or via the e-mail).
    Yours sincerely,
    Hello Ryan,

    I submitted a proposal about 4 months ago and I made a double spending error when submitting it. I still have a proposal I could submit and I saw that the proposal system will be upgraded so I will lose my Dash. Would you recommend I ask for reimbursement of 5 Dash to the network this month or next month depending on the time of the upgraded system.
    why didn't you come forward 4 month ago about the "missing" 5 Dash ?
    do u have any screenshots as proof ?
    EXCHANGE REVIEWS AT CRYPTO COMPARE cryptocompare.com/exchanges/cexio/overview
    REPORT OF SCAM AT BITCOINTALK bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2174542.0
    REPORT OF IDENTITY THEFT bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1080384.0
    MORE REPORTS OF THEFT AT Bittrust bittrust.org/cexio
    Did you bother to do any due diligence before partnering with CEX.IO?

    search for CEX.IO and SCAM!
    CEX.IO will have their funds frozen in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!

    Don't say you were not warned!
    Hi Ryan, please explain to me how you think announcing that Dash is involved in the 'legal' cannabis industry in the US, helps your business? Apart from associating yet another crypto currency with drug trade. I'd just like for someone to shed a bit of light on how this promotes dash in a positive way. As I received an unhelpful response from someone on your team when I raised the point earlier. Many thanks Ant
    Hello Ryan!

    online staking wallet "POSWallet" is very interested in setting up DASH masternode pools with voting rights given to the smaller shareholders. Posted a pre proposal in the discussion - would love to hear your feedback on this!
    Hi Ryan
    Send a PM to Daniel as well, but it looks like he's away. Got some ideas re introducing Dash to Africa, but a major stumbling block is having only 1 African exchange that trade Dash. The 2 largest in Africa, Luno and Icecube does not offer Dash and I have an idea how to convince them, but I don't want to step on toes if you guys have already approached them or are planning to do so.
    @babygiraffe I saw your openings for Project Managers. I have extensive experience in Project Engineering and Project Management experience and am a registered, Chartered Engineer. I would really like to be involved with the Dash team and its projects. How can I take this further?
    Ryan, I sent you a linkedin request. I wanted to know if you have any interest in having a financial intern anytime soon ?

    Forum member dbartz forward me to you.He told me you are interesting in Dash art for new office.Have you saw my paintings and sculptures ?Regards
    :) hello babygiraffe

    I saw your post about txt,email and db entry on incoming transactions of any kind

    Its perfect, and i would like to ask you some things about it, i hope you will have time to direct/help me sometimes because im totaly n00b when it comes to coding but i can manage my self in other things and im fast learner :D
    Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor
    Glad you found it helpful. Yes, I can try to answer your questions. If they are questions others might find helpful, you can ask in the post and I can reply there.
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