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Pre-Proposal: Would you like this proof of individuality to be implemented in Dash?

Would you like this proof of individuality to be implemented in Dash?

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Encointer prepared a retroactive KSM treasury proposal: https://kusama.polkassembly.io/post/2625
Your review and supportive comment would be greatly appreciated.
There we go: https://kusama.polkassembly.io/referenda/335
We need all your KSM votes with maximal conviction you can bear! Thank you!

<kusama vote history for Encointer>
Ayes (197 votes) - 31.2K KSM
Nays (29 votes) - 58.4K KSM
Current Result: 34.8% Aye - 65.2% Nay
<end kusama vote history for Encointer>

<kusama vote history for Encointer>
Ayes (290) - 282.4K KSM
Nays(260) - 188.4K KSM
Current Result: 60.0% Aye - 40.0% Nay
<end kusama vote history for Encointer>

I hope that this victory will make the masternodes to reconsider, participate in the Dash-Encointer vote, make it reach the 10% threshold, give an amount to Encointer and JOIN THE ENCOINTER (R)EVOLUTION.

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QUESTION: What is the process for starting up an encointer community?

The process is basically:

  1. register a community on the Encointer testnet https://book.encointer.org/tutorials-register-community.html (Encointer people can assist with the tech if needed)
  2. have a meeting with Encointer people so that they can put you in the pipeline and explain their grants and milestones
  3. Encointer council registers your community on mainnet, and thats it!!!! You are ready to go! 🚀
check this out. has more detail about the process: https://trello.com/b/1Yhln6NT/encointer-community-leader-applications
Which communities did you register?
What do you mean by "register"?
I have no intention to become the bootstrap leader of a new Encointer community. When you are the bootstrap leader of an Encointer community I assume that the Encointer council should know your real name, but I dont like this because anonymity is my number one priority. So, in order to remain completely anomymous, I only want to participate in one of the already existing Encointer communities. Thats why I encourage and I help Encointer as much as I can, in order for it to become popular and someone to decide to create an Encointer community nearby my permanent residence. Then I will definitely participate in it, as a reputable member.

In the meantime, I plan to travel and temporarily participate in the meetings of whatever Encointer community is already active, and receive their local currency that way. Apart of being a vote collector, I also plan to become an Encointer local currency collector. My only concern is what I will do in case I will become disable and cannot move. Encointer does not take into account disability in its protocol. People who cannot move, they cannot participate. Thats why I will propose in the Encointer protocol for the meeting points to be also defined nearby the houses of disable people who expressed their will to become Encointer members.

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