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Pre-Proposal: If there is no lamassu deliverable , should the masternodes who voted for it pay?

if there is no delivarable from lamassu, should the Masternodes who voted for it to pay the loss?

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Abstaining also means that you are not informed, or that you are not aware of whats happening. Abstaining may also means you do not agree with the voting procedure and with the budget system as a whole. The budget system was not voted, it was imposed, remember?

Anyway, nobody knows exactly what abstain means.

The interest of the majority is those 1459 to be punished. Let the majority of the masternodes to decide whether they want to punish those 1459 idiots, or not. If they majority abstains, it is obvious that those 1459 will not be punished.

And of course (the most important thing is this) the way the community will vote on this issue will reveal to any objective external observer whether this community is a fraud or not. Because if the majority decides against their interest, this means that either there is a fraud or they are stupid. And this is a very usefull information for any objective external observer (and potential investor).

I'll look forward to your proposal!
oh wait...
I have not 5 dash. If you give me 4,8902 dash, I could pay the fee and add this proposal to the budget system.

Sorry bro. But if your proposal idea is so popular that it could even potentially get a majority vote, then I'm sure you'll have no problem raising the funding for the proposal! :)
(Heaven forbid you pay for it yourself)
Sorry bro. But if your proposal idea is so popular that it could even potentially get a majority vote, then I'm sure you'll have no problem getting funded! :)

Correct. If nobody gives 5 dash to propose such a thing , this may mean that the proposal is not popular. But also may mean that those who are affected by the lamassu problem, are not aware or informed about the issue.

This is an internet forum, and maybe the majority of the masternodes dont even read what we are talking about. They may even dont know that the lamassu problem exists. Or maybe the community of the masternodes is a centralized fraud, so in that case there is no hope at all for my proposal to get funded and/or voted.
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Demo i understand your concern about Dash integration on Lamassu , i'm waiting me to
i don't think Ira wants a bad name , he's public and he's having a baby if i'm not mistaking ,
maybe they are waiting on a special event , like TNABC , to announce it
be patient please , you're starting to get annoying
Everyone who is upset with this should ask Lamassu when the ETH multi coin branch will be release so Ira can focus on building from their new code base. They have been dragging on the release for the (multicoin) aka ETH branch for Lamassu client and lamassu server for about 6 months now.
I bet he doesnt just not have the 5 DASH, he probably doesnt even own a máster node. In which case doesnt even affects him.

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