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Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

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8th Dash Conference in Caracas - Venezuela
"Legal status of mining, buying, selling and adopting of DASH - Digital Cash and other cryptocurrencies"

And the May event came, much faster than we expected. Being the weekend of Mother's Day we programmed in our routine activities, details that would make this event an opportunity to celebrate such an important date in our culture.

On May 11, we began the first activities for the 8th Dash Venezuela conference in Caracas. On this occasion, the event took place at the JW Marriot Hotel and was attended by Rubén Guía Chirino as a guest speaker, who addressed an audience of more than 600 attendees interested in the current status of the legality of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela.

Workshop for journalists


Our exclusive and dynamic workshop for press and other types of media was given under my guidance where we introduced Ruben, who gave some legal highlights for the event on Saturday 12. We are always proud to present to the media two key initiatives of the month, in this case "Se habla mamá" @sehablamama and "Naturinas" @naturinas which belong to two great women, mothers who encourage the use of Dash through their constant work in each of their projects.


The evolution continues for the new system developed by the registration team of Dash Venezuela, always in the hands of the entrepreneurs it is vital that everyone is gathered to organize and answer questions about the new program. That is why our assembly and technical rehearsal Friday took the opportunity to do practices, inductions and be all prepared for the inauguration of our new system.


The meeting on Saturday May 12, is added to the schedule of free conferences organized by Dash Venezuela, whose objective is to inform the Venezuelan population about the Blockchain technology and provide tools for the adoption of Dash and other cryptocurrencies.

This event follows the one carried out in April: "Basic aspects of security when using Dash and other cryptocurrencies in Venezuela" (Here is the link for the full streaming https://bit.ly/2k6NKOJ) , which was given by Edwin Orrico, specialist in cybersecurity, as a guest lecturer.

Introduction to the conference


The meeting began with a few words of mine, and thanks to all the participants, we took the opportunity of polishing concepts and the basic aspects of Dash - Digital Cash. After this we present the representatives of the four programs that Dash Venezuela has nationally, and the strategic allies of the organization.

Then we invited to join us on stage with a warm welcome to the team of Dash Merchant, an initiative that was born from the hand of Dash Venezuela and DASH Help, and whose project was recently approved by the Dash DAO, to congratulate them and celebrate with them.


Alejandro Echeverría and Alejandro Andrade, founders of the initiative, presented the project focused in boosting the adoption of Dash by merchants, as you well know them. We also congratulated the Agrocognitive team, also funded by DASH DAO.

The conference, focused on legal aspects...


At the end of my presentation, Rubén Guía Chirino, lawyer specialist in constitutional procedural law and director of the Centro de Cultura Digital, started his talk. The invited lecturer introduced the public to the legal considerations of the commerce and mining of cryptocurrencies, highlighting that law is a tool for the best exercise of freedom.

In the opinion of the lawyer, a country that guarantees basic rights, such as life, liberty and individual property, allows the emergence of new undertakings, necessary in a cryptographic space. He pointed out that in such a context "anyone can be an entrepreneur (...) an entrepreneur is the one who moves the economy."

He stressed that the right to property is essential for the growth and development of new ventures, and that cryptocurrencies are the result of the "legitimate defense of that individual property." Therefore, in the opinion of Rubén, the legality of cryptocurrencies are more related to civil law and social freedoms, than to financial regulations.

To conclude, the lecturer stressed that the adoption of cryptocurrencies in these legal aspects depends on the exercise of the individual right to property, as well as the citizen's practice to generate new laws and contracts that regulate these financial activities. "Through free exchange and the emergence of new ventures, it is possible to move forward."

"The cryptocurrencies are not outside the law, but are a part of it," says Guia, and points out that the consideration that states that these assets escape a regulatory framework, incurs a conservative reading: "It is a lie that cryptocurrencies are outside the law, rights are a social fact. "

Other activities...

Our conferences are characterized by the dynamism of information and experience for all our guests, this time we share a beautiful musical intermission for the mothers present in the room and at the end of the usual panel of questions and answers for experts (Rubén Guía - lawyer and our speaker / Meilyn Alejo - accountant and Financial Director of DASH Venezuela, and myself) , in addition to the Explanatory welcome to DASH City.


Of course, this month we repeat being trending topic in our country, being the 6th. place of the most talked about topics of that day in Venezuela.

Dash Venezuela celebrates Mother's Day in DASH City

The 6th edition of Dash City celebrated Mother's Day by receiving as special guests the mothers of the organization's team who were able to enjoy the varied selection of the fair, which in this opportunity had 67 stands of entrepreneurs.


Among the attendees of this edition of City Dash were several Venezuelan mothers who have found in Dash financial support that allows them to "take care of my investment and have more time for recreation and for children," Verónica Norio told us, one of the mothers invited to the meeting.


The Dash City counted with the presence of entrepreneur mothers who presented their initiative to the invited guests. Among these were Siulmily Pabón, director of the non-profit organization Se Habla Mamá, and Deyanira Hernández, who together with her daughter presented their Scadey Deco Diseños project, for the first time in Dash City.

Interactive tables

While the meeting took place, interactive tables were held in the conference room where interested attendees could raise their doubts about the investment, exchange, trade and legality of Dash and other cryptocurrencies, and receive advice from the hand of our trained team in alliance with DASH Merchant team. This activity has become a very productive good practice that increases the quality status of our events.


We are very satisfied with the successes achieved last Saturday, also with the daily work we have each of those who work here in Dash to strengthen and perpetuate this digital economic solution in the daily life of the Venezuelan.

Our entrepreneurs...


Again we have the opportunity to thank you, so much for believing in our team, in the project and in its results, because our final purpose is the integration of new technologies for the proper use of them in our country.

Some interesting facts about this event:
  • In 5 hours we achieved 3,686 Dash transactions.

  • 6th Place trending topic Venezuela (Twitter)

  • 67 active entrepreneurships in Dash City.

  • 674 attendees.

  • The 7.5K followers are exceeded in our instagram account and we have an average 3.5k visits to our profile.

  • We surpassed the 9.5K subscribers in our database.

  • 20 are the new communities that join Dash Venezuela.

  • One of our entrepreneurs made 4 repositions of inventory of their products, managing to raise more than 1.5 Dash for their business.

Finally I leave you with a beautiful memory, this picture of most of the mothers of our team!


¡See you next month!
Our friends from PwC invited us to talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (UCAB), we talked about how Dash is helping entrepreneurs, the students received an incentive and we invited them to select one of our allied social entrepreneurs to make a donation and know our wallet


It will take place on saturday June 16th in the Pestana Hotel Caracas. And we are very happy to have the confirmed participation of Rodrigo Digital from DASH Brazil as a speaker in our conference.


Also, he will stay for a week and he will be able to visit some of the 20 allies DASH Communities of DASH Venezuela (including the conference by DASH Maracay), and see first hand everything we are doing to boost DASH adoption in our country.

Here you can see our detailed budget:



After 11 months of work, our team has grown considerably, and for our meetings and for the training sessions we organize to the team members and the entrepreneurs, we used to rent different venues for the day. Because of the increased volume of the work, now it is cheaper to rent an entire office for the whole month than the individual rents. Here you can see our detailed budget:



When price went up in November and December, we had a surplus of our budget.

That is why we did not submit a proposal for January, and we organized that month’s event using that residual budget. But in February and March the price fall was considerable, and that affected our budget really hard. In the end, the directive team of DASH Venezuela had to lend from their personal funds in order to get everything done.

That is why we propose to make this analysis every month.

We will compare the DASH price at the moment of proposal submission with the average of DASH real price during the execution month. If there is a surplus, we will deduct the difference from next month budget. But in case of deficit, we will ask for a reimbursement. Here you can see our detailed budget:



In March, we were invited to participate in an event called “HELP! There is a cryptocurrency in my soup” and the DAO approved the budget for us to do it. But the team organizing the event cancelled it and told us they will soon give us another date for it. We have waited 3 months now, and we believe this event is not going to take place, that is why we are giving the funds back, by taking it out of the budget for this month. Here you can see our detailed budget:


Here you can see the summary budget and total request for this proposal:


The proposal will be live for MNOs to vote very soon... If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!!!

Thank you!
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we want to join in Venezuela in the LARA state very turistic and comercial zone. we have a good team and teams in the 7 university of Barquisimeto city ;)
Hi Juan...
There is a team working en Barquisimeto. I invite you to talk to them and join efforts to make that community stronger. Looking for BarquisimetoDash here in the forum.
Hi so good this is just from 8may created. so they are new. we can work together i want to make dashlara and i can helpthem . i have a company and team with economists and other profesionals. We have a academy with Ucla university certificate @bitcorpve and making another good projects coming here in preproposal .
Hello, everyone!

You can read the full report Dash Watch has prepared from their investigation about the community concerns about our proposals, HERE.


Excelent! we are glad yo be part of this in Venezuela we gonna work with the team in barquisimeto and we have the conection done with our company www.bitcorpve.com for make the courses with certificate. and we hace more projects coming to here to make dash the first currencie.

What a great job Francisco and his team have done since @regalaunjajaja have accompanied us from our beginnings and at the same time we have them. They have received donations in @Dashpay and they print smile and color to our entrepreneurs fairs. Thank you all for your donations!


Great work that makes the team "Regalame una Sonrisa" @regalaunjajaja. In the community of Dash Barquisimeto @dash_barqto we are starting with the support of this beautiful ONG.