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Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

Would you fund this proposal?

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    Votes: 84 80.0%
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    Votes: 15 14.3%
  • I do not know, I need more information

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Hello my name is Gledys Martínez I belong to Dash Los Teques community, and it is a pleasure for me to greet you.

I would like the MNOs to read and approve our proposal as it is important to highlight the advantages of using Dash as digital cash within our community since this is a cryptocurrency that is taking away the "cliché" or paradigm from only using money in physics. they are fast, secure and private transactions, and with really low commissions.

The conferences offered by Dash Venezuela and Dash Caracas by Eugenia Alcalá, have served much, because like me, many people did not know that this currency existed and could be implemented in Venezuela as part of day to day, and we see little little by little in our city where some merchants use it and we want this to be massified for the good of all and for Venezuela to succeed.
Hello my name is Jose Jerez

I am an active member of the community of Dash Los Teques,
I request please help us with this proposal and so continue to grow in the country, With the support of master nodes we can reach people directly, generate investment and make people believe in dash as an investment tool.
Dear MNOs.

I am Oriana Castro and I belong to the Dash Los Teques community - Venezuela.

Your approval for this proposal is very valuable, since you will be promoting the change to this country that wants to grow economically, to overcome the crisis that we are presenting.

And ... Why deny the opportunity?

Thank you very much!!
It is a great job that Dash Caracas team has been developing, contributing to the growth of the Dash community and serving as a link for other projects and entrepreneurs.

Everyday more and more people are involved with the cryptocurrencies world, and Dash takes important positions in the daily development of Venezuelan´s life.

I know that greater achievements will come if you continues with the support.

Thank you, from Los Teques, Venezuela, where the Dash Nation is built.

Hello good morning, as we know the main importance of cryptocurrencies is to minimize inflation and even to end it, that's why we support the project of the communities of San Antonio de los Altos and Los Teques, so they continue working and expanding the Dash communities throughout the country. Go ahead then.
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Hello! The people of Dash Caracas and Dash Venezuela are making a great job. I'm part of the Dash Los Teques comunity, I support thia project, Dash gives everyone excellents oppotunities to evolve and fight to the Venezuela's econimical and social crisis. Please approve this proposal!
Hello to Dash community all around the world.

I'm Juan Ramírez, a member of Dash Los Teques.

I support and expect this proposal to be approved in order to consolidate Venezuela as the first DASH NATION!!!!!

Dash future in Venezuela is brilliant and beyond imagination.

Please everyone I encourage to support this proposal.

Best regards
Hello my name is Victor.

I think the proposal made by Eugenia is excellent, since this would be a wonderful opportunity for people who have not been able to participate in these events, participate and continue to teach us about the DASH cryptomoneda and it would be a great opportunity for this great community to continue growing. in the country ... Since this is a great project and contribution that could be the solution to the great crisis that we live in Venezuela with respect to the economy. I hope the proposal is approved and this unparalleled project continues to grow
Seventh Dash Conference Hosted in Venezuela


"Basics of security when using Dash - Digital Cash and other cryptocurrencies in Venezuela"

Like every month, on the Friday before our Conference day, the entire Dash Venezuela team is already working at the Hotel to initiate the technical installation activities, location of resources for the entrepreneurs of Dash City. Also, as we have been doing for 5 months, it has been a success to call the media and press to guarantee the correct diffusion of our main purpose as an organization, which is the massive adoption of Dash - Digital Cash as a payment solution in Venezuela.



We are pleased to announce that innovation in our processes is always present and we are able to optimize the resources used in the bonus granted to each of our assistants, that is why we implemented a new cycle of training for our team of Juniors and entrepreneurs.


And the great day has come, April 21! We celebrate 7th Dash Venezuela conference in Caracas.


On this occasion, the event took place at the Hotel Pestana Caracas and our speaker was Edwin Orrico @3d0rr, Blockchain expert and cybersecurity manager for PwC, who addressed an audience of over 700 attendees interested in the conference entitled " Basic security aspects when using Dash and other cryptocurrencies in Venezuela ".


The event began with a little space for me as leader of Dash Venezuela, and I presented the different allies and Dash communities in the country.


After these activities to capitalize the relationships of Dash Venezuela with each of their communities, we present the good news of our Dash Help allies that successfully completes the customer service suggested by this proposal.


Then the speaker Edwin Orrico spoke, who introduced the public to the methods and ways to protect their investments in Dash and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the most effective ways of digital protection.


During his speech, the expert in cybersecurity presented a historical account of the different mechanisms, financial mechanisms have used secret codes, or cryptography, as a method to protect information or capital, being cryptocurrencies a "technological leap" in this form of security. "The cryptocurrencies are just the evolution of money thanks to the Blockchain technology," says Orrico.

When comparing cryptocurrencies with the traditional banking system, Orrico explained that digital currencies offer a public key, which works like the number of a bank account, but that, unlike banking, these currencies incorporate the novelty of a private key that it is only known by the user and with which he can protect his capital. With this, the lecturer stressed that cryptocurrencies offer the user the possibility of "becoming their own bank".

Among the recommendations given by Orrico for the security of the cryptocurrencies, they highlighted: distributing the funds in different wallets, the use of cold wallets or paper wallets, which are physical, and can not be hacked, the configuration of security passwords of the wallets and smartphones, as well as avoiding entry to suspicious websites.

"An attacker will always go for the weakest link, which is the person," said the speaker. "As computers are stronger, then we protect the Blockchain, which in doing so we become stronger."

The end of the meeting was marked by a dynamic that sought to foster cooperation among the attendees, remembering that Dash's message is not about competition but the collaboration of all Venezuelans to "generate more opportunities" in the country.

I am happy to announce that we repeat again being in the top 10 of the trending topics of Venezuela with the hashtag #DashVenezuela thanks to these indicators we are able to further spread our objectives and good news for the country.


In this spirit, the 7th conference led to the opening of the 5th edition of Dash City: a space where attendees could experience for the first time the experience of trading with cryptocurrencies.


This new edition of the City incorporated more than 70 ventures, and stood out for opening the doors to new businesses that found in the cryptocurrency a way to "safeguard the investment", according to Teddy Mijares, from Oasil Center Sport.



In addition to the well-known gastronomic fair, the event included a wide range of appliances, clothing, jewelry, tour packages, vehicles and more. In this edition, two new NGOs were added, amounting to 9 the number of foundations with social programs that have turned to Dash as a financial alternative.


In this opportunity, Dash City distinguished itself by the new alliances between the small businesses in it. An example of this is the "Burguer Manía" ventures, which acquires part of its raw material from “Azúcar, canela y clavito” through Dash, or Steelus, purveyors of belts, which maintains commercial relations with Oasil Center Sport, clothing store varied, by cryptocurrency.

"We made the alliance not only because the product is good, but because it is more convenient and practical to have a supplier that accepts Dash," said Bismar Escobar, founder of Burguer Manía.

In an improved version, the interactive tables by the Dash Merchant team efficiently fulfilled its main objective, which is to invite participants to develop their business strategies and ventures based on Dash Dinero Digital, clarify their doubts, listen to their proposals and we take your data to follow up later.

As the city developed, the first meeting of Dash communities in Venezuela took place in the conference room. This meeting was attended by more than ten representatives from all over the country, including Maracay, Trujillo, Mérida and San Antonio, with the idea of drawing up a national alliance whose objective was to "generate opportunities for the evolution of Venezuelans".


Finally, all the team of entrepreneurs and all those who work directly with Dash Venezuela met to celebrate together, another great day of success, good ideas and progress.
Hello everyone,

I see the report of the conference and remember the way that Edwin Orrico explained the issue of security. His presentation was extraordinary.
The meeting of communities, very interesting, knowing the strategic objectives of Dash Venezuela was another important event for me in this conference.

We continue working together and aligned to make Venezuela the first Dash Nation.

See you soon!