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PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DU-1 (USB Version Hashrate 9 MH/s , Releasing in Mid-May 2016)

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Got mail today with tracking number :cool:
2016-06-01 Wednesday
17:29:25Shipment transiting from 【Hong Kong Tsing Yi Distribution Center】 to next station
12:54:31Shipment arrive at 【Hong Kong Tsing Yi Distribution Center】
06:13:05Shipment transiting from 【Shenzhen Distribution Center】 to 【Hong Kong Tsing Yi Distribution Center】
03:56:41In transit
2016-05-31 Tuesday
22:34:44Shipment arrive at 【Shenzhen Distribution Center】
08:09:07Shipment transiting from 【Shanghai Distribution Center】 to next station
06:29:55The shipment is under security check. Please wait in patience.
05:34:07Shipment arrive at 【Shanghai Distribution Center】
02:56:02Shipment transiting from 【Shanghai Hongqiao Distribution Center】 to next station
00:29:17Shipment arrive at 【Shanghai Hongqiao Distribution Center】
2016-05-30 Monday
23:35:57Shipment transiting from 【Shanghai Hongqiao Distribution Center 2】 to 【Shanghai Hongqiao Distribution Center】
21:47:00Shipment arrive at 【Shanghai Hongqiao Distribution Center 2】
21:15:48Shipment transiting from 【Shanghai North Suburb Service Point】 to 【Shanghai Hongqiao Distribution Center 2】
19:54:06S.F. Express has picked up the shipment
When ordering #150ish I was told they had plenty, but after many days you begin to wonder why they cannot ship what they had immediately, I think in reality they are still making them or there could be some issues along the way, always manufacturing issues with new designs.
I also wondered if they would upset people by shipping out of sequence to the order numbers because it's common for people to observe that to see if they are getting a fair go, would tend to increase confidence.
Are they grouping orders to go with different couriers to save money ?
I feel a little concerned now, mostly that I may not be enjoying making lots more Dash after all . . . A concern greater than losing the up front money.
Tell us when you get your order Mr #126 :)
I have double worries, I also ordered a Baikal X11, same issues . .

Anyway, all it would take is a couple of reassuring words and about 2 minutes to do that . .
I ordered mine back on May 15th with an order number of 116. It cleared customs in NY today. Shipping was via SF Express.
Got them in the mail today! Just got home from work and going to have a fun evening setting up and playing with these bad boys...

I'll post a more detailed update / review after I get them up and running. In the meantime... here are a few pics :)

IMG_0281.JPG IMG_0280.jpgIMG_0279.jpg
I think jakehaas and I are both in the US. I am in a major metro area on the east coast so when it got to New York CIty, it didn't take much longer to get it to me.
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