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People who do not answer questions.


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I will mention in this message the names of those who do not answer to my questions.

The form will be:

@nickname1: unanswered_question_url1, unanswered_question_url2, unanswered_question_url3 , ..... e.t.c.
@nickname2: unanswered_question_url1, unanswered_question_url2, unanswered_question_url3 , ..... e.t.c.

This message is the only one I will post in this thread, and it will be edited accordingly.

You are welcome to post a message below, and mention the names of those who do not answer to your questions.
Please everyone strictly post just one message here, and not more than one. Then edit this single message and udate it with persons that did not answered to your questions.


@splawik21 (Core team): question1
@UdjinM6 (Main Dash Developer) : question1 <-- answered here.
@TonyG (member of EU parliement): question1
@God (creator of the universe): question1 <-- answered, because the Knowledge Tree exists: The prays are votes recorded in a decision tree which specifies how every universe works. And it is not the fault of God that the majority of the visible (humans) and invisible (angels or daemons) individuals in our universe decide to vote evilly in the Knowledge Tree. Have a strong pray/vote and miracles may happen, because our universe is not homogeneous and the laws of physics (despite what science falsely claims) are both position and time dependant. Spots in space-time where the good prevails (and where miracles against the laws of physics occur) can be found even in our own evil dominated universe. Unfortunately the miracle happens only temporarily, because our universe is dominated by an evil majority which votes constantly in favor of the same evil set of physical laws (which appear into the eyes of the stupid scientists as the "eternal" laws of the universe). Whenever a miracle happens somewhere, this evil majority arrives as fast as they can in this place and they cast their evil votes in the Knowledge Tree, in order for whatever good to be destroyed. Then they deny the existence of the miracle, to whoever was not there to witness it. Additionaly, the evil forces massively educate the new born to have blind faith to the doctorine of science, which falsely claims that the universe is homogeneous and that the laws of physics were, are and will be the same everywhere and for ever. Fortunately, on the other hand, most of those who were witness of miracles keep their faith alive, and their pray (their vote to the Knowledge Tree) becomes stronger and more stable.
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