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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hey there guys!

Nice to meet you all, I have been interested in crypto currencies for quite some time but just recently decided to start getting really involved with various communities to further advance the cause!
Hello fellow dashers!! I've been following this forum for a few months now and finally decided that it was time for me to create an account. I get a lot of information from this forum and find it very helpful for new dashers like myself.
Hiya from China. (Expat) (Learning Chinese and business here)
Also want to learn more about Dash and I'll be around participating a lot. (English and Spanish)
is a nice surprise that this community is running over XF. I also love this software.
Hope to start to make business with Dash soon. Future looks very promising around here. Cheers bros!
Hi all, and thanks for the chance to be on such a great forum. We are a group of decentralised project developers (physical assets - hotels, PV, Wind, Nuclear energy, business, trading etc). We like Dash since it looks like it works similar to how we work internally. Looking forward to being part of this developing community.
Hello everyone. Just getting used to the forum. Glad to be here. I'm a Javascript developer who is interested in playing around with the Dash bitcore port, and otherwise being apart of the community.

My name is Rainer and I am from Estonia. This is my first post here, although I have been reading Dash forum and slack for some time. I seriously think that crypto currencies are here to stay and change our world for better and that includes Dash, which IMHO is the best at the moment with its governance and community. I made my first investment to Dash couple of months ago and I am already happy to be involved! Hopefully I can be useful for Dash (and vice versa)!

Cheers and looking forward to Dash Evolution and other developments!
Hi my name is Chris and I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Just noticed this so thought I'd say hi. I got religion on distributed autonomous ledgers and organisations just last fall, and discovered Dash and it's significant improvements over bitcoin thanks to Amanda B Johnson.
I also just noticed this article so posting it to the forum to try and make sure the core team is aware of it. It's giving me governance envy:


It is a sister network to Ethereum called DFINITY that uses "introduces sophisticated multi-dimensional flexible economic governance using multiple parameters driven by only one goal: the ultimate success of the network." Is this something we should ask the core team if they've heard of? To be honest it kind of made Dash governance system look primitive.
Hi, All.
Another newbie.

Been reading up on Dash a lot, and have a few queries about Masternodes that I've already posted as comments on some of the Dash Detailed vids.
But, I'm looking for somewhere more appropriate to post such questions and concerns.

There's a separate forum for mining, but not for Masternodes.
Any suggestions?

I am very happy with the first successful DAO so far. Democracy money is here to break oligarchy. Dash is off to a great start!
Hello All,
I'm a theatre maker who has been interest in the blockchains since i first used bitcoin in 2011, don't worry i'm the worst trader ever so i've never managed to make any money.

I think the technology and governance structure of Dash has something to offer the world and I'm particularly interested in how this can be used in the cultural sector where i work.
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