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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hi Everyone ...

Glad to be part of the Dash Nation. Sorry it took me so long. I have my Dash Core/ Wallet for over a month and everything has been working fine until last night. When I opened my Dash Core Window Defender Delete the "dash-qt.exe" file from its location. The antivirus now says Trojan:Win32/Clavior.B!cl Alert level: Severe Actions: Quarantine

Items: File C:\Program Files\Dash Core\dash-qt.exe;

Any Help from anyone before I do anything. My wallet is backed up ok.

Thank you everyone!
Hello everyone,

I am 26 from Los Angeles, CA, an early DASH investor, and will be submitting a budget pre proposal early next week! Stay Tuned!

Greetings to all,

I found love with Crypto Currency 2 years ago and rightfully so, if everything goes to plan I wish to setup a DASH Masternode this year as one of my few passive investment plans and to support this great community.
Hi everyone,

I am from Czech Republic, and I would like to get involved in Dash. It looks like Dash (and its idea at all) is really promising.

Hello everyone! I have never mined any type of anything before. I've been doing a lot of research, but I have a few questions still. Before that, I would like to say that my original goal was to mine Ethereum, but it seems that Dash has a much larger profit margin.

I have some hardware picked out and the funds to purchase a rig. I know that to access these special types of rigs you do so through your router. Via that you can tell your rig where to "mine." What I need to know is what kind of mining is easiest for a new person to get their feet wet in? Pools or P2Pools?

Also, is there a better way to store your Dash? I don't trust local hardware for beans,and the Android app looks promising. Suggestions?
Hello there!

I it's a kinda stupid idea to force everyone to post something.
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My name is misspelled and I can't find where to fix it...
IIT should be Stan Norred, not Stan Norrex...
I guess delete account and start over???
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Hello All
I'm a new member.
My name is Stan Norred not Norrex...

I live on the Texas Gulf Coast on a 15ac organic farm... I do self sufficiency here...
I'm completely new to cryptocurrency, so I'm in over my head here...
I don't code either...
I can do practically anything else though.
I'm a machinist, millwright, mechanic, turbomachinery tech, welder, fabricator, builder, designer, chemist, electrician, craftsman, build computers....
I'm a little lost so please bear with me...
Hello, I am a crypto investor / trader. I have been at it since 2015. I run a youtube channel and a steemit channel where I cover crypto. I have some followers and growing my accounts. Was thinking about submitting some Dash budget proposals for things. I really wasn't looking to make a ton of money, just fair payment, was thinking 1 Dash as payment, but the network fee is 5 DASH :) HAHA That changes things! Have to charge at least 20 Dash just to risk rejection. Maybe you guys aught to change that. 0.5 DASH would prevent spam, I think. But I guess if you want very few proposals, this would do it.

Anyway, was thinking about making more DASH vids, I would link to my old ones if I wasn't new.

Glad to meet all of you.
Hi All Dash community members!

I am newbie in Dash and I am looking to work with Mining machine.

Do you have a cook guide that give steps when you decide to invest in Buy Mining machine until start to produce and get payment of periodic chunk of Block chain?

Thanks in advance.
Hi everyone!

My name is Nataša Belić, I am a pole athlete and I own and run Aerial Arts, a pole sport studio in Belgrade, Serbia. I also work with the International Polesport Federation as the vice president of the ethics committee of IPSAF and an international judge. I'm here to look at ways how we can introduce DASH to the Polesport community, hopefully to our mutual benefit.
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