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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Good evening. Thought I'd join the rest of you over here. Love great conversation and people. Looking forward to getting to know you all better. <3
Hey bro and sisters in Dash

Accept my tropical and equatorial greetings for bushy Cameroon in Central Africa.

Hope all is well for you.

For me the fall of Dash is hurting me with a portfolio down by more than 1 BTC. I did not respect my own trading in setting a stop loss almost wiping all my recent profits.

Oh, forgive my name is Noah yes like the Noah in the bible although I know nothing about it. I am a crypto enthusiast living in Cameroon
Ciao a tutti!

Tiziano here.
I'm a Dash enthusiast, so much that I decided to create a youtube channel dedicated to DASH, in Italian!
I started just some days ago with the intro and today I uploaded a video on how to use the wallet.
My country is very slow when talking in a language different than Italian,:D for this reason, I hope my project can reach also them and show what a great reality this digital currency offers.
Hopefully I will find some support here as well.
The channel is this: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDrSwa

Have a great Dash day!
"A nation without borders, prejudice or disparity. A nation built on hope, optimism and progress. The Dash Nation."

Hello, to all new DASHers!

We're glad you joined Dash Nation!

Once again, welcome to Dash Nation!

hello all dashers, i am here to help birth the nation of dash. i am oldish, experienced, and i like laughing a lot. i wish us all many blessings.
Hi! I'm a long time holder of bitcoin. Broke my laptop trying to mine the stuff back in the day lol. I haven't been very active in the bitcoin community but now that I "popped my head up" I realized I need an alternative for long term savings.
Dash looks promising!
I like the voting mechanisms and it gives me confidence in the long term viability and adaptability of this currency.
Hi, I'm an Australian university student studying a Bachelor of Computer Science. I find the idea of cryptocurrency very interesting and have invested some savings into DASH.
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Hi, I'm based in Britain and started buying Dash about six months ago. It seems to offer elegant solutions to the problems Bitcoin faces in becoming a P2P payment system.
I welcome all new members, and I invite them to vote here.

Newbies, please try to remember this: A money object can stand in two different ways, either by force, or by faith. If someone forces you to use a money object then you may are justifiable to use it. But if nobody forces you, never believe in a money object that it is obviously against your interest.
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I welcome all newcomers, and I invite them to vote here.

Always remember this.
A Money object can stand in different ways. Either by force, or by faith.
If they force you to use a money object, then are justifiable to use it.
But if the dont force you, never believe in a money object, that is obviously against your interest.
Unless you are stupid of course.

Hello everyone, welcome to Dash and I hope we can all help each other in some way. This is just a little notice that @demo here is here to make mischief he doesn't really care about dash, so by all means please ignore him if you want. I am sure you will come across one or more of his posts.
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