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Masternode Payments and Beyond

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Core Developer
As most of your are aware, there was a critical problem with the masternode payments system yesterday that caused the network to fork into many smaller networks and caused a great destabilization. This was either due to an intentional attack on the network or an issue with the masternode payments system, in either case we have a solution for masternode payments that will be safe for the network in the future.

Once we learned the exchanges were on different forks, it was too late to do a proper fork in the future so we opted to fork immediately. The network updated rather quickly and stability was restored within a few hours.

Prognosis of the network

At this time the network is healthy and has been on the same chain since the event. We’ve reached out to every pool and exchange and no funds were lost during the event.

No More Forks

Beyond this point we will not need to hard fork the network to implement the rest of DarkSend features. This is an example of why hard forks are dangerous and we want to avoid them in the future.

Masternode Payments

We’ve wanted to increase masternode payments to 20% for a few weeks now, but have not been able to since the code was already going through the testing and launch stages. This will give us an opportunity to add greater incentive to secure the network and run masternodes.

Before moving onto RC3, the next version of Darkcoin will now include the masternode payment system (with 20% payouts). The method we’re going to use for masternode payments is not critical and can’t cause a hard fork so it should be rather quick to implement, scheduled for June 14th.

Some users in the forums brought up issues with how we planned on implementing masternode payments without a hard fork. We've decided the community is correct and will be using the same model as before to implement the hard forks.

Release Candidate 3

DarkSend RC3 will include a greatly improved anonymity model and support for multiple “tickets” per masternode.

After completing masternode payments, over the next few weeks I’m going to be working with the core darkcoin team to establish a full fledged development team to help with Darkcoin and DarkSend. This should allow us to move at a similar pace of development with much greater quality. The next version of DarkSend is scheduled to be released at the end of June.

Know any great developers that want to help with Darkcoin? Please have them reach out to us.
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Evan did you sleep well? :)
Happy to see few word from ya
Great news! I'm not a developer but still want to offer my help: I work with developers every day as a senior product manager for the biggest online gambling company in the world. I also own over 1% of all DRK currently in existence, so I have a massive incentive to help. I'm willing to spend many hours a day helping wherever I can, for free. I think you will be able to judge my skill set, so let me know if my help can be used.
Know any great developers that want to help with Darkcoin? Please have them reach out to us.

I am a software QA/QM engineer and willing to offer my help to improve the Darkcoin development, test, integration and rollout processes - bugtracking, continous integration, release management, automated and manual testing, code review should really be part of such a great piece of software.

As a DRK stakeholder/MN op of 3 masternodes i am very interested in contributing my part to the success story of Darkcoin. If you are interested feel free to PM me.

Thank you Evan. The market has stabilized from that freefall like a minute after your post >.>
Quick! someone repost this everywhere, my DRK is still somehow locked during transfer between the exchanges...
I've shared my background information in the past. I have over 15 years of experience in end-to-end Enterprise grade SDLC. I have extensive software development and infrastructure experience, and would be happy to contribute where ever I can. The problem however, I see, is that Darkcoin needs an organizational structure more so that anything. Our current market cap dictates it. There needs to be a "foundation" type of organization with some funding to perform planning/oversight/review functions to provide guidance to it. This foundation would not own the coin or dictate direction but rather support Evan with these high level tasks. I would be happy to turn in a resume if such an organization is ever considered!
Thank you Evan, keep up the hard work. You are doing a fantastic job and we are all very, very grateful for your work.
Thanks for the update and well done. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for not just what your doing but how well you're doing it :)
Brilliant come-back! Evan clearly has the "back-end" covered, so we need a "front-end", ergo, a Foundation.

IMHO, this Foundation should have one main agenda... Darksend was NOT created for illegality, but for privacy
I've spent the last two years developing in an enterprise environment using the Microsoft stack on a small team of 4-6 people that was completely self-reliant but I'm still very much in a learning phase. The bulk of my experience however is 6 years as SQA (Sr. Test, Team Lead, Automation) and I'm more than willing to help in that regard if needed.

Although I must admit that being closely involved in the politics of a large company has me leery of 'Foundations'.
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