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Masternode Payment Testing - Now vs Later?


Core Developer
Despite the forking issues with enforcing masternode payments, the code and strategy that we're using now is looking really good. The problem was simply blocks coming in out of order, which are now properly ordered before being checked for the correct payment. I reviewed many different logs and this was the only issue I found, which caused all problems we had.

The question to the community:

It's pretty much impossible to test mastenode payments on testnet and some users/mining pools are very sick of updating. Should I have everyone update again, and enable enforcement on Friday? Alternatively we could wait until InstantX, which is what I'm also working on. Testing InstantX is probably still a couple weeks out, then we have the testing phase, so that could add another month or so. Alternatively, we just have the network update until it works and we move on.
Have everyone update again, and enable enforcement on Friday. Let's shake out the bugs one layer at a time.
I guess the most pertinent question would be how far out is InstantX. I think the overwhelming majority of the masternode owners would be for enforcement sooner than later, just from the standpoint of normalizing payouts.
Yes I think waiting is going to be a better option, next update can be all about Instant(tx) as well, it will create quite a lot of fan fair.
I'm with moocowmoo. Update once more and allow for enforcement to get turned on and work successfully.
I say update and enforce.

Throwing both into the same update at a later date might hinder troubleshooting any issues with InstatntX, lets get one of these behind us asap.
Evan said InstantX isn't going to use a fork:

I vote update again now. I don't really care about MN payment variance with the RC3 code, it's good enough, but if enforcement is part of the roadmap I think it's better to tackle it now.

Updating a Masternode takes 60 seconds or less. I don't know how long updating a pool takes but I doubt it's much longer. This is an evolving coin, a few minutes of someones day now and again isn't much to ask.

Friday sounds good - it shouldn't take weeks.
Update now, enforce asap.

People have their eye on dark atm, the network update should happen fast.

But if we leave it until Friday, we have the weekend where people are away from their computers
not able to update.

Update the network until enforcement works. One update over two days then enforcement. If fail, repeat.

Price may drop, mining activity could slide...

But who cares about price at this point?

We need a solid platform for instantx, simple as that.

EDIT: Evan already replied!
Update... It's not a big deal to update the nodes and I think it would be better to work through bugs one layer at a time like other have expressed. Besides, we need to enforce asap!
agree. It makes sense to make sure it's working and stable before making other changes.