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I would like to earn some Dash's

Is there any way for me to help Dash team? I would like to earn some Dash's. I'm from Slovenia.

Hi Marko!
Great! Please tell about your abilities, skills, experience ... those could help Dash project (here or directly to team...)
I'm working in telecommunications for 10 years. I'm best at testing new technologies. Quick learner and enthusiastic. Also love to design in photoshop and illustrator, code simple things in PHP and read everything connected with cryptocurrencies.
Hello @aristokrat get on http://dash-nation-invite.herokuapp.com/ slack.
Lately there are tips flying around for helping dash to get more attention.
There is The #DashForce
iniciative taking place and anyone can be tipped and get some coins for playing as a team.
You can also find more info here, where @mastermined explains all: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dashforce_tips-contest-thread-help-dash-to-win-dash.12172/
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I didn't beg, I offered help to Dash community.

Obviously you are not positive community member, just an expert at trolling.

Here's some wisdom for you: Get the f*** back to your Monero shit!
I didn't beg, I offered help to Dash community.

You didnt offered help to the Dash community.
You asked for money. This is not an offer. This is a demand.
I offer help to the Dash community, by telling the truth, and not asking for reimbursement.

You are a filthy lurker with 19 comments the last 2 years, while at the same time I melt in here with 726 comments the last 8 months.
Correct, but the lie fades away, while the truth never dies.

stop your trolling - same old sh.... - u have nothing else to do than bump your own threads and harass newcomers :mad: