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Dash Core Group Q4 2017 Summary Call

I have been unable to deny a growing skepticism of DASH. The Q4 conference call was especially disappointing to me for many of the reasons written about here.

As a result, and for the first time, I sold some DASH.

I still want DASH to succeed, but I'm entertaining the idea that it's not what I once thought it was.
Perfect now that we are all in agreement...those that do not like the way things are being handled...please PM me to sell me your DASH. No use having people here that are unhappy...you sell off your DASH move on to whatever project you think is better..in turn I'm happy because I've bought more DASH. Its a win win for everyone. Life is indeed short...so I wouldn't suggest anyone be involved in a project they don't align with.
Hey Icebreaker....please reference my previous statement above.

After years of your toxic trolling of DASH, you've lost the right to a response.
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Wow...you really are behind the times....please view the DASH core Evolution announcement before spewing crap on here. There are more then several reasons that Evolution was and has been delayed.... setting up the Trust, so that then we can then have patents were just a couple of them. Oh...and how is the Lightening network working for you.

Do you even keep up with the current news. Segwit and Lightening both confirmed as crap. Come on Icey...keep up with things.


Man, you sound like such a moron!