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Best VPN?

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My prepaid time with TorGuard is about to finish and I've been having some problems to connect lately to some of their servers, so I'm on the look for a new guardian of my browsing.

My requisites are quite easy:
-No logs
-Exit servers in many countries
-Payment with crypto. DRK would be ideal, but I can compromise to BTC.

Any recommendations?
I am on switchVPN and they work great

but free would definitely be the best !!...>>
Don't use free or cheap VPNs and think carefully about company jurisdiction (not just the server locations). Don't stand in one place too long, mix it up as you go. Double check for DNS leaks, especially for linux configurations. If you're on an old distro, upgrade to something more recent as they handle VPNs and dropped connections more reliably. Change your behavour, spellings, grammer, persona on the fly. Make good use of browser privacy modes and search out how to tweak browser settings for more privacy (disabling link referers etc).
I'm always with my VPN on (because my location)(CN)
Using ExpressVPN several months ago, quite expensive, but works pretty decent from here. they accept BTC.
I use ProtonVPN. You can start for free then upgrade for higher speed and all server locations
This guide recommends ExpressVPN for Bitcoin which I uses: Bitcoin Services

However, I have not used any other. I think it depends mostly on where you live. CyberGhost is my friend using and NordVPN is also popular. Have anyone compared those?
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