The Litecoin codebase was not responsible for the Dash "instamine". There was another reason.


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Jul 15, 2014
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A common explanation for the Dash "instamine" (fastmine is a more appropriate term) was that since Litecoin had a fastmine, Dash's fastmine could be attributed to a bug from the Litecoin code. This explanation, which is also featured in Dash's official summary here:

will need to be changed. Through my research I have discovered that there was another culprit responsible for Dash's fastmine.

Tomorrow at 9:00PM UTC I will release my video documentary tackling the circumstances surrounding the Dash fastmine. I will clarify a lot of things that have been left open to interpretation, often leading to negative conclusions about the founder and the Dash project. Please tune in.

Documentary title: Decentralized Deeper Thought: The Truth about Dash!

Link to premiere page (don't forget to set a reminder):

Time and date of premiere: Friday, October 18th, at 9:00PM UTC.

If you are open-minded and willing to learn or challenge your beliefs about what happened at Dash's launch in 2014, I hope to see you at the documentary! You will be able to comment and chat with others alongside the video when it airs.

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Christopher Carruthers (Tao Of Satoshi)