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Jun 22, 2014
Well that is certainly useful, people can now officially send anonymous text messages again using anonymous Darkcoin!

Darkcoin: Freedom has evolved

And If we eventually have a safeweb option (even IP obfuscation alone to start) for the coin to be used with, no one will ever be able to tell where the message came from. Text messages evolved, especially if an app is developed specially for Darkcoin so people can start using this feature to send all their text messages from their phones :) Apparently text messaging is a popular thing? ;)

An app that connects you to the master node safe web at the same time...? So, using a principle similar to Skype but anonymous and secure, people could bypass the text message service of their regular text message providers and opt for a more secure solution. This would be very useful for business worldwide especially if it was easy to setup once and then ran automatically on phones. It could replace services such as BBM which have actually been proven to not be fully secure and yet have led to the creation of billion dollar companies. This something people should immediately recognize as valuable.

Eventually email could also be figured out, and instead of only having 1 time pay access for messaging, anonymous accounts could be created and you could have anonymous monthly subscriptions payed in DRK through anonymous accounts.... All this would run through the nodes because the coins run through the nodes and also two times with a safeweb. Thanks for the information!

Just this one feature is a big deal, imagine everything else that is coming :)
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Aug 18, 2017
As far as I know, there are seven websites for you to send anonymous text messages. They are Textem, TextForFree, Seasms, SendAnonymousSMS, TxtDrop, Sharpmail, TxtEmNow. They all perform well in sending anonymous text messages. Each of these websites has its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose them according to your own demands and preference.