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Proposal: Conferences - The Trading Show

Discussion in 'Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Ryan Taylor, Jun 27, 2017.

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    This is cross-posted at www.dashcentral.org/p/conf-tradingshow-201707

    This proposal funds Dash's sponsorship of The Trading Show New York 2017 at the Gold Sponsor level.

    What is The Trading Show?

    The Trading Show New York - being held on October 3rd - is a leading conference on electronic trading: quant, automated trading, big data, and high-performance computer trading. It was the first conference focused on the convergence of trading automation and quantitative strategies. The conference is now in its 8th year, and last year's event was sold out. The event also features an exhibit area and a networking event.


    Why should Dash participate in this event?

    Much of Dash's past conferences have been focused within the crypto-sphere. While is it important to communicate Dash's value proposition within that market, it is equally important that we reach out to uncontested markets where Dash can add value. Our experience from Blockchain 360 demonstrates that traditional markets are interested in what Dash has to offer, and are open to exploring opportunities to integrate Dash into their operations.

    Trading and market-making is also a critical component of a healthy network, and helps ensure entry and exit liquidity is plentiful for high-volume users to transact using Dash. There are several high-transaction volume opportunities we are actively pursuing that would benefit from greater participation from market-makers. In addition to our own needs, we believe that Dash can serve the need for rapid value transfer within the trading markets. Dash is uniquely positioned as the only digital currency capable of rapid value transfer.

    This year's event is featuring a panel on disruption. Daniel Diaz will be participating in a 40-minute panel session on disruption: How Will Democratization, Disintermediation, And Decentralization Shape The Future Of Capital Markets? This discussion will cover blockchain-based technologies and cryptocurrency market cap, growth, competition, and composition. The other participants in the panel are a Global VP from IBM, a managing director from Citi Ventures, a managing partner from Illuminate Financial Management, and a director from DRW Holdings.

    Who will attend from Dash?

    In addition to Daniel, at least two other team members will be able to attend, but we are still working on an overall schedule. Additional passes will be provided to business partners, our PR firm, and community members.

    What will the sponsorship include, and what are the costs?

    Exhibition area: 8 x 10 ft
    Branding in event advertisements, on-site signage, and on the event website
    4 full access conference passes
    4 guest passes
    Networking event
    Guaranteed private meetings with conference attendees of our selection
    The cost of the sponsorship is $40,000
    We estimate travel, booth setup and materials will cost an additional $10,000
    We will NOT be using external support services to help with organization for this conference.
    Total costs = ~$50,000

    If you have any other questions, please direct them to @Ryan Taylor in this Dash Forum post to ensure I see your request.

    Requested funding is as follows for the July 5th budget cycle:
    • 295.63 Dash for sponsorship and expenses for The Trading Show 2017 ($50,000 USD @ $169.13 per Dash)
    • 5.00 Dash proposal reimbursement
    Total: 300.63 Dash

    Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future conference and travel expenses.

    Manually vote YES on this proposal:
    dash-cli gobject vote-many ea1e50218855393ca1371f6555e3d0e0456f0ffaa5214e0c6d0f315b726c0a95 funding yes
    OR from the qt console:
    gobject vote-many ea1e50218855393ca1371f6555e3d0e0456f0ffaa5214e0c6d0f315b726c0a95 funding yes

    Manually vote NO on this proposal:
    dash-cli gobject vote-many ea1e50218855393ca1371f6555e3d0e0456f0ffaa5214e0c6d0f315b726c0a95 funding no
    OR from the qt console:
    gobject vote-many ea1e50218855393ca1371f6555e3d0e0456f0ffaa5214e0c6d0f315b726c0a95 funding no
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