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Mar 4, 2017
[This proposal has been submitted to the network and posted on We will be checking both sites to answer any questions you may have.]

Professional Customer Service
An essential component for any service oriented company is a customer service help desk. In the crypto-space, there has so far been nothing comparable to the help desk services that are generally expected of a bank, software company, or similar service provider. We propose to change that by offering professional level help desk services to current and prospective Dash users so that they may contact a customer service representative to receive prompt, professional, and personalized assistance.

Return on Investment
By including access to real human support, retention and adoption rates will increase, yielding a positive return on this investment. How do we know customer service is ROI positive? There's plenty of research to verify that claim, but the simplest way is to just look at how every large, successful corporation addresses customer service. Banks, credit card companies, software companies, household appliance manufacturers, and even grocery stores all make it easy to contact someone in their service department. They do this for the same reason any company spends money on anything: it's profitable.

User retention is a critical metric. Dash is in the midst of surging usage and popularity, so this is a key moment to ensure that the new users who are evaluating Dash like what they see and choose to stick with it. When a customer approaches a company for help, one of two outcomes can happen. He can walk away frustrated and never return, or he can get the assistance he needed and remain a customer. Our offer will dramatically raise the bar against competing services, it will fill a much needed requirement for any professional business operation, and most importantly it will be profitable. As investors ourselves, we want to do everything we can to accelerate Dash's virtuous cycle of growth.

About Us – Global Tech Interactive, Inc.
We are a Panama registered corporation with offices throughout Central America. Our bilingual staff have many years of training and experience providing professional telephone, e-mail, and live-chat services to some of the world's largest companies. We have the expertise, infrastructure, scalability, and manpower already in place to deliver a service that will truly set Dash apart from other crypto-currencies and offer the credibility needed for Dash to compete head-to-head with traditional payment networks.

We are proposing an initial three month contract that would include establishing a help desk portal for Dash users to submit support inquiries through a Web form along with 7-day per week staffing. Inquiries will be handled promptly, processed manually by experienced customer service professionals, and responses returned to the customer by e-mail.

Sample Video Intro:

* Within 20 days of contract approval, an SSL-enabled help desk portal will be launched for users to submit support inquiries.
* Immediately following the launch of the portal, the help desk will be staffed with English speaking representatives to respond to all incoming inquiries, 7 days per week.
* Inquiries will receive responses within a maximum of 24 hours, although typical response times will generally be much faster.

* The scope of the inquiries our staff will be capable of answering directly will depend on the typical complexity of the issues. We may be unable to service highly technical requests, such as questions pertaining to diagnosing Linux compiler errors or writing custom software. In such cases, our goal is to direct the customer to published sources of additional information.
* We will never request passwords or private keys or perform any work that would depend on those data.
* We will not provide trading advice or recommendations, make any predictions regarding future currency price or viability as an investment, nor make any recommendations pertaining to a customer's personal financial planning.

Our Process:
We have extensive experience providing help desk services to a wide range of industries, and our training process is very effective in building systems to accomplish this. We also recognize the high level of responsibility a company's customer service representatives have to provide accurate information and avoid any potential for incurring liability upon the company due to a customer service interaction. We achieve this through a simple but rigid process that gives the representative very little discretion in the responses issued. When an inquiry is received, we use what basically amounts to a flow chart of possible outcomes. The outcomes are pre-written responses that result in a best match to the issue at hand, generally with links to references or additional information. This ensures that every response issued is accurate, authorized, and properly conveys official company policy at all times.

From the experience our managers and staff already have with Bitcoin, we can anticipate the general nature of the type of inquiries we are likely to encounter. (e.g. Questions related to software installation, help creating/restoring backups, usage of particular features such as PrivateSend and InstantSend, etc.) We expect to build the bulk of our responses from officially published documentation such as the Wiki.

Uncharted Territory:
We are not concerned about the potential scope of the inquiries we may receive. However, what is presently unknown is the overall volume of inquiries, the average number of iterations per ticket, and their distribution across various topics. Additionally, the very concept of working for a distributed autonomous organization is uncharted territory. Having this usage data is important to us so that we can optimize our training process and staffing levels, and the unknowns of exactly how the relationship between our company and this new type of organization will develop leaves the potential for some degree of uncertainty. Therefore, we would like to enter into this contract with the mutual understanding that there may be factors on both sides that no one can easily predict at this time. We hope that by the end of this initial three month term that we will all have a much better view of the “unknown unknowns”. In the meantime, we pledge to make our best effort to resolve and improve upon any potential issues that may be encountered along the way.

Additional Disclaimers:
Customer service is an art. By its nature, it's a task that involves working with customers who may be entering the conversation with frustration and exhaustion due to an issue they've encountered. There will always be certain inquiries that fall outside the scope of topics we are willing or able to address. In such cases, our responses will at least make the best effort to point the customer in the right direction to where appropriate information can be found. The answers and suggested solutions to particular issues that we do provide will be based on well established research and published documentation. Regardless of the particular topic, and whether or not it falls within the scope of issues we can address, all interactions will be handled with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

Although beyond the scope of this proposal, we would hope that prominent links to the help desk will eventually be added to the Dash web site and wallet software, making it easy and convenient for users to receive support.

Future Vision
Many of our managers and employees have been involved with crypto-currency since the early days of Bitcoin. We all truly believe in the solutions Dash brings to the table, and we want to see it succeed as a globally accepted transactional currency.

By the conclusion of this contract, we will have collected enough data on staffing and training requirements to consider the possibility of expanding future proposals to include live-chat or telephone support. Thinking long term, we would like to see Dash offer a level of service on par with, or higher than, any conventionally structured corporation. With our expertise in customer service, we hope to help make that happen.


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Apr 23, 2016
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How can you establish a Dash Help Desk as long as you admited that you know very few things about alt-coins (Dash included).

I'll admit to having unjustly dismissed all non-bitcoin coins as scammy alt-coins for a long time. After doing some actual research into what Dash is, I am now convinced that this is everything we once hoped Bitcoin would be. Dash has renewed my hope and optimism for a better future.
Your research is an actual research, you dont seem to have a deep knowledge on what Dash really is.


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Apr 9, 2014
there is a Live Chat being implemented to the webpage already
any other ideas i would really suggest talking to the team first - as it will be their responsibility to deal with this - fernando has a bunch of good ideas in the pipeline already
(started with some already)
+ all of this has to be handled somehow !


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Jul 31, 2015
Our bilingual staff have many years of training and experience providing professional telephone, e-mail, and live-chat services to some of the world's largest companies.
Which largest companies? Are there any credible sources that can vouch for your company? Looking around the web there doesn't seem to be much evidence that your company even exists. Where are your offices?
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May 9, 2014
I like the idea of having a help desk, but it is way to early to give it to a company that is not deeply linked in to the project. A few thoughts:
  • The public documentation is not always updated, the answers need to be found among people in the team or community
  • Many times the solution will have to come from the team because users discover a problem that needs solving. This is still quite common
  • The volume of inquiries doesn't justify a big deployment yet. Currently we are receiving a significant amount of questions and I'm sure that it will increase if we offer this publicly, but still it doesn't need a big team
We have discussed a lot in the team how to tackle this same problem and we are currently configuring a help desk portal to do some tests.

We'll run it with a low profile for some time until it is polished and then launch properly. The plan is to manage it from the team and grow it with knowledge (paid) people in the community when needed. Yes, we don't have experience in managing call centers, but we have it in solving Dash problems. We can always involve pro support people down the road. Our solution will include a well maintained public knowledge base so people can also help themselves.


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Mar 27, 2015
i dont think we should do micromanaging such Customer service. i think we should let 3rd party do it.


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Jan 20, 2017
I hate telecom companies they are moochers of society with their small lettered contracts and Lee way given by legislation plus the pay awfully to their employees nowadays