Pre-Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform


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Jul 17, 2014
Whilst I can understand your frustration I struggle to understand why you think your proposal was somehow comparable to the proposal submitted by Alt36? Maybe I've completely missed the mark with the hempsweet proposal(?) but I've read both proposals and I can honestly say that it would be like comparing apples with oranges in the context of what was on offer to the network...

This is not to suggest that your proposal didn't have a solid value proposition, I personally voted for it, but may I suggest you canvas the opinion of the network further as to the reasons why your proposal ultimately didn't pass? As frustrating as it may be, questioning the wisdom of the crowd will get you nowhere.. The majority has spoken and - like it or not - that is the result. Masternode owners/operators are human at the end of the day and - again like it or not - we rely on clear, concise and factual proposals so that we can make a sound judgement on the value of the proposal to the network. Reading through the hempsweet proposal was like wading through treacle with flippers on.. I'm sorry but I consider myself pretty well read, and I'm not shy of reading through bulky texts per se... However, I can quite easily see how many masternode operators would have decided TL : DR...! Straight away you've lost your audience... no matter how good the underlying value proposition is when you tease out the cold hard facts.

@tungfa called it right in a followup post on the thread:

clear short / facts are key
- who
- what
- when
- how much
- whats init for us ;)

Unfortunately, Masternode Operators are a mixture of business people computer nerds, they are not academics or librarians and the thought of having to decipher 2000 words of text to get to the bottom of the deal will - as evidenced by the result of the vote - put many of them off.. Especially if it's 'wordy' and heavy going to read.

I really would like to see your proposal pass and I do hope that you'll revisit this and build on it. As @thedesertlynx said, it took him three times to convince the network, it may be worth speaking with him about his experience ;)

All the best

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