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Jun 4, 2014
Santa Monica, CA
Nick Szabo, to me at the moment the most likely candidate to be real Satoshi Nakamoto (not that it matters but it is fun to speculate) wrote this about "trust-less" stuff:

"A block-chain computer, in sharp contrast to a web server, is shared across many such traditional computers controlled by dozens to thousands of people. By its very design each computer checks each other's work, and thus a block chain computer reliably and securely executes our instructions up to the security limits of block chain technology, which is known formally as anonymous and probabilistic Byzantine consensus (sometimes also called Nakamoto consensus). The most famous security limit is the much-discussed "51% attack". We won't discuss this limit the underlying technology further here, other than saying that the oft-used word "trustless" is exaggerated shorthand for the more accurate mouthful "trust-minimized", which I will use here. "Trust" used in this context means the need to trust remote strangers, and thus be vulnerable to them.

Trust-minimized code means you can trust the code without trusting the owners of any particular remote computer."

source worth reading:

In (t)his text I find a plethora of possibilities for Darkcoin own Blockchain and its Masternodes...
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May 15, 2014
Ha yes, he is the like the 51% most likely right? But I think personally he's just part of the team and, let's say as a writer this is my inference, he was the one responsible not just for the code (this was many people surely) but of spreading the basic concept. Hence the arrow points to him, but it might not be just him. I've wanted to write on this for a long time, but haven't had the time sadly.


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May 9, 2014
He's one of the few people I would like to read everything he's published. Too bad days are so short!!
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