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June 2016 Monthly Budget Report

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Ryan Taylor, Jun 4, 2016.

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    We are closing in on a finalized budget for the June proposal cycle. I have outlined this month’s funding requests for the core team and community sponsored proposals as they stand today. The next superblock is scheduled for block 481864, which should occur at approximately 4am (UTC) on Monday, June 6th.

    If you have not already reviewed and voted on the proposals submitted throughout the month, there is still time to have your vote count. Remember that votes must be submitted by the time the budgets finalize 24 hours before the payment cycle, so make sure to vote no later than 4am UTC on June 5th.

    V12.1 reminder

    12.1 is now in testing and includes an implementation of contracts. As a reminder (as previously announced in April) contracts are 3 to 12 month immutable proposals, which are prioritized in payouts. Due to the changes, the budget system will be “reset” when 12.1 is deployed and we will add each budget proposal back manually. This will be a great time to position ourselves for the next leg in our journey, so we may make changes to the recurring budget items. There will be more detailed plans in place when 12.1 rolls out.

    Previous Core Team Budget Items:

    Core Team Budget - 1,176 Dash (ongoing)
    Dash-Lamassu ATM Integration - 610.26 DASH (payment #6 of 12)
    Public Awareness Campaign (repurposed toward fiat gateways project starting in April) - 2,156 DASH (ongoing)
    Liquidity Providers v2 - 48.87 Dash (payment #2 of 2)
    Evolution Specification & Development - 150 Dash (payment #3 of 3)
    Electrum Maintenance - 45.80 Dash (payment #3 of 3)
    Dash.org December Payment Replacement - 701.67 Dash (payment #3 of 3)

    New Core Team Budget Items:

    Electrum Masternode / Trezor Maintenance
    This proposal adds one month of maintenance and bug-fixing for the now-in-testing Electrum wallet which will add support for masternode functions and Trezor hardware wallets.
    42.48 Dash

    Electrum KeepKey Hardware Wallet Integration
    This proposal adds KeepKey hardware wallet support to the Electrum wallet similar to the Trezor functionality. Work has already started based on strong voting support from the community.
    104.01 Dash

    d10e Conference Sponsorship
    Thanks to connections made through the Vanbex Group, we have a unique opportunity to sponsor the d10e conference in San Fransisco July 19th-20th at the "Visionary" sponsorship level at a discount of 20%. This proposal also includes some costs for the Dash soda machine, which is a community-driven effort.
    490.49 Dash

    WebEx Premium Subscription
    This proposal is to allow the core team to purchase an annual subscription to WebEx's Premium 100 web conferencing product to support large-group meetings and improve the effectiveness and professionalism of our internal and external communications.
    78.68 Dash

    Other Community / Corporate Sponsored Proposals for June:

    Dash Debit Card Integration to SpectroCoin
    950 Dash

    Dash World: Evolution in Marketing v2 - 775 Dash (payment #3 of 4)

    Complete Budget (as of current voting rank):


    Note: USD conversion in the table assumes conversion rates noted in the new budget proposals (at the time they were submitted to the network). Core team budgets with durations over 12 months assume a USD exchange rate of $8.12 as of June 3rd. Existing fixed-duration budgets use the exchange rate at the time of creation / approval. Exchange rate risk is carried only by the proposer of these budget proposals and not by the network unless otherwise noted in the proposal.
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