July 2016 Monthly Budget Report

Ryan Taylor

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Dash Core Team
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Jul 3, 2014
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
We are now less than a week away from having a final network budget for the July payment cycle. I have outlined this month’s funding requests for the core team and community sponsored proposals as they stand right now. The next superblock is scheduled for block 498480, which should occur at approximately 11am (UTC) on Wednesday, July 6th.

If you have not already reviewed and voted on the proposals submitted throughout the month, there is still time to vote. Remember that votes must be submitted by the time the budgets finalize 24 hours before the payment cycle, so make sure to vote no later than ~10am UTC on July 5th.

V12.1 reminder

12.1 is now in testing. When 12.1 is released, the budget system will be “reset” and we will add each budget proposal back manually. For this reason, all budget items are single month proposals until the new system is operational on mainnet.

Previous Core Team Budget Items:

Core Team Budget - 1,176 Dash (ongoing)
Dash-Lamassu ATM Integration - 610.26 DASH (payment #7 of 12)

New Core Team Budget Items:

d10e Conference Travel & Lodging
This proposal funds airfare and hotel for Evan and Daniel to both present at the d10e Conference in San Fransisco on July 20th
449.69 Dash

Integration With A Flagship Merchant
This proposal funds the integration expenses to integrate a merchant that is a category-leading privacy-centric service with over one million users
603.59 Dash

Evolution Development - X11 Hash Port
This proposal funds the porting and testing of the X11 hash to JavaScript, which is needed for Evolution clients

Hardware Wallets For Build And Test
This proposal funds the purchase of three different hardware wallets which are needed for testing new builds of the Electrum wallet
43.68 Dash

Business Development Support And Integration
This proposal funds the integration costs of new strategic business partnerships, starting with a popular Bitcoin wallet provider with hundreds of thousands of users
742.92 Dash

Marketing - International Outreach & Promotion
This marketing budget proposal will provide continued funding for our language translators and fund sponsorship deals with YouTube and website partners
270.57 Dash

Google Apps For Work Subscriptions
This proposal will fund the purchase of a monthly Google Apps subscription for the core team and key contributors requiring access (e.g., contractors or volunteers)
41.90 Dash

Infrastructure - Basic Needs
This would fund the purchase of a build server to allow our developers to perform iterative builds more quickly. It also funds monthly cloud services for other needs.
416.02 Dash

Evolution Development - Graphic Design
This proposal will provide initial funding for professional graphic designers to create the visual design for the Evolution web client user interfaces
955.17 Dash

Liquidity Providers v3
This proposal covers a one-month extension to our liquidity provider services to speed the PrivateSend mixing feature on the network
40.59 Dash

Evolution Development - Graphic Design Pt. 2
This proposal completes the funding needed for graphic design work. The initial proposal (see above) only covered a portion because the core team restricted its requests to 80% of the available budget. Since the remaining budget was going unused, this supplement was submitted to complete the funding.
352.97 Dash

Conference Travel - General
This proposal is mainly to be used to book travel for Evan to a meetup in Atlanta on August 24th. A small portion may also be used to reimburse ground transportation costs at d10e once those costs are known.
105.00 Dash

PR - Fall Campaign Pre-Funding
This proposal sets aside a small amount of savings for a PR campaign we plan to introduce in September
133.98 Dash

Other Community Sponsored Proposals Currently Slated to Fund:

Dash's Very Own YouTube Show
123.00 Dash

Dash World: Evolution in Marketing v2
775.00 Dash (payment #4 of 4)

Complete Budget (as of current voting rank):

Note: USD conversion in the table assumes conversion rates noted in the new budget proposals (at the time they were submitted to the network). Core team budgets with durations over 12 months assume a USD exchange rate of $7.066 as of June 30th. Existing fixed-duration budgets use the exchange rate at the time of creation / approval. Exchange rate risk is carried only by the proposer of these budget proposals and not by the network unless otherwise noted in the proposal.