Independent budget proposals


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Jun 19, 2014
We did not see even one serious/relevant independent proposal, since the release of the budget system and will most likely not see any until multiple of these parameters change:

- low total available budget purchasing power due to stable/declining DASH value
- proposals owners have to write a overwhelming lot to discuss the proposal with the community
- proposals owners have to waste time on extensive reporting
- big projects require 1-2 manmonth's of project coordination (worth 4k USD in project management)
- proposal owner has to shoulder legal issues with contractors

So far, i can't think of even one reason, to fire up a serious independent proposal and swallow the above mentioned toads.

Maybe the vision for the budget system is to run the DASH virtual cooperation, by 5-10 small groups of people which are close to the core and apply/compete for budget funds and do the costly project management more or less for free (until the budget becomes significant). Appearance of independent proposals is more or less random and not calculated to push things significantly forward. I think this concept is not too bad.

What do you think?



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Oct 30, 2014
That's pretty much the way I'd imagine the system would evolve, in layers with a lot of trust in a relatively small group around the core and projects further out receiving awareness through endorsement. I was a little surprised to see there's no kind of identity on proposals, I'd seen it on dashwhale (ie. Owner: eduffield) and assumed it was a field in proposals but the only part that could really be used as a form of identity is the payment address as it is. Its probably too early to tell but some kind of identity may be useful if the system does evolve with a core group having a lot of support and possibly proposal classifications (development, promotion, etc.), that could allow some degree of automated voting, ie. automatically upvote development proposals by Evan.