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Jun 19, 2014
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Active Member, Male

    1. grams
      Hi Rango, we received this message when we toggled around with the wallet console message a bit:


      However there is no proposal online yet. Can you please confirm and perhaps email us on [email protected]
    2. blockchainrevolution
      Can you please manually confirm the 5 dash have been sent/ Thank you
    3. blockchainrevolution
      It has since confirmed and now we are presented with the message contained in the screenshot. We notice the original message we typed in the wallet console is :
      gobject prepare 0 1 1511384431
      whereas the new wallet console message on Dash Central begins with:
      gobject submit 0 1 1511385285
      We have tried to change the code around in the gobject submit but we are presented with the same message.
    4. blockchainrevolution
      Hi Rango. Having trouble submitting a proposal - While we were waiting for the Dash to confirm we were brought back to the previous screen and when we resubmitted using the same code generated from the wallet console (7eeb914eeda81768219de25f952f0dc828b07658f8adf3771e67c90c46d093aa) and we waited for the Dash to confirm.
    5. blockchainrevolution
      Hi Rango,

      Due to the sentiments expressed by the community in preference of our proposal being split into 3 monthly payments rather than the one-off payment, we have decided to resubmit the proposal. We now have 400+ confirmations and 24 hours has elapsed since we made the payment but still no new proposal has appeared on Dash Central.

    6. thedesertlynx
      Hey Rango! Do you think it's possible to do something about moderation on Dashcentral? It's getting pretty wild out there.
    7. Kevin Stalker
      Kevin Stalker
      Hi Rango. I'm told you are the go to guy for problems with Dash Central. When I view my Dash central page all the proposals say "Please vote with 1 mn", even though I have voted with all three masternodes. If I click on any proposal it shows all three masternodes with a + or a - against them, so the votes are registered. This looks like a bug to me.
    8. Christian Haase
      Christian Haase
      Verifying myself. Thank you!
    9. Ryan Taylor
      Ryan Taylor
      Verifying the change... Thank you!
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