How to mine HeavyCoin?- x11 algorithm - The GUI Friendly Simple way of mining Heavy Coin.


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May 14, 2014
Download Heavycoin Simple CPU Miner

Google Chrome might Block this download, try to download from using Firefox or IE if it does.

The correct version for your computer. Which do i need, 32bit or 64bit – how to tell?

Simple Miner- 64bit /32bit - XP/Vista/7/8 /Server Edition all versions.

Simple Miner - You will need to Extract and open Setup.exe. Add Shortcut to ProcessD.exe to startup folder if you want to autostart with your PC.

Download locations:

CPU Miner

64bit -!Z4NFDKxR!kaS7wXJO-lsLmoLY3GUdwoItj1fVdIOi2cK3qw2fvjo

32bit -!1xdl3Y4a!tqJW-JTAEALzV4KeCIJqTPQtnz0mMglKt0g1T6w2eZ8

GPU Miner ( Video Card Mining)

GPU -!B5UHlaQL!kVdAB96hbm667iCMY6MhEhwRCDsgngJ0r8AFf8Id1HQ

Test the CPU Mining Software

Go to Settings Tab. Then Select Heavycoin from Miner Type, Make sure Start Program invisible is Unchecked, Make sure IDLE & not IDLE is Selected and then Run, a DOS Screen should pop up and say Found Solution, and PROOF OF WORK RESULY: ACCEPTED !! After a Minute or two. If nothing pops up check your antivirus software and try another coin see if it works.

Run Software on PC IDLE

Verify the Coin you want to mine under Miner Type Verify it’s Heavycoin, then check Start Program invisible, Run Program when: PC IDLE, then Click Run.

Go to General you should see Donald Mining for you! Verify Your Receive Coin Address and you should have coins in your wallet, Some coins might come with in 1-2 hours others might take 2-3 days depending on your system speed and the coin difficulty. Good Luck!

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