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Dec 16, 2015
It's been real ya'll, but I think I need to get out of Crypto altogether for a while.
I think it's time, the community has made it very clear, minus a few guys that is, that I am not wanted nor needed around here, and honestly, I'm fine with that. I have no reason to keep forcing my opinion onto people who can't even be expected to check in on Dash, I have no reason to keep arguing with the 'core' team, you guys have obviously got it all figured out and I am just a hindrance at this point.

I always hoped Dash would be the decentralized economy I had been yearning for since 2010, but all in all Dash is just a complete let down for me. When I watched Evan's videos about Dash, he didn't explain a "PayPal 2.0" to me, he explained a decentralized economy built on the DGBB, but like we have all seen, this is just another Cookie Jar for the cool kids to play with. I have to finally admit I was wrong, i thought Evan was trying to change the world, I thought the Dash core team was all about decentralization, boy was I wrong.

Instead they want to turn Dash-the-crypto into Dash-the-corporation, and I can't be a part of that. That is not what crypto is about, that is what greed is about.

I wanted to write a big long farewell note to everyone, since there are plenty of people within the community I like and what not, but I just can't bring myself to pour in another ounce of effort to this. It's a complete waste o the 6+ hours I spend on it every day.

So all in all, thanks to everyone who was always cool, and to those of you who think I'm crazy or whatever, go off yourself please. You are all bigots and liars and you are the reason Dash will never be a fully decentralized economy.

Best of luck. Watch out for snakes and greedy pigs. Maybe we'll meet in another time and place, until then I leave you with all the Dash websites I have made, and this final message. Hopefully me leaving will finally let the echo chamber take over 100%. Thats the end game anyways, is it not?

and as far as 'The Dash Force' is concerned, seems like they have an opening as I have just stepped down as to not be a reason they proposal wont pass, seeing as anything with my name on gets shit on for it.


Peace out. Keep your whits about you.

Oh and ps; sending @kot to london for $15,000 proves my point, too many sheeps in the herd here. An the shepherds are taking advantage of your ignorance. The priorities are all ass backwards around here and noone is going to fix them, just going to double down on the exact stuff thats hurting Dash's growth. (Yes I know Dash grew XXX amount, but it could have grown a hell of alot faster by now.)
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Oct 30, 2014
6+ hours a day? A breath of fresh air would be no harm, you'll be back ;) Swarmwise... definitely a good call proposing that, it even allows opposing views with the same common goal to pull together in the same direction. Catch you later, have a good one.


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Jul 31, 2015
Totally respect your decision. Take care and best of luck in your future endeavors whatever they may be


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Jul 12, 2015
Taking a break from it all isn't so bad, it allows the brain to sub-process all that has happened, to reassess crypto as a whole.

The way I see it, I don't have to play a part in american politics to love american dollars... same with crypto; it started out in small communities but eventually, hopefully, there will be many people on the outside that won't care much for the internal politics, it will just function.

A few years ago, it became perfectly clear to me that the alts would grow, compete and eventually overtake bitcoin. I also held the view that corporates and governments were more than capable of implementing their own tailored blockchain projects / currencies. Also, unlike a lot of people (and I was hugely ridiculed), I believed, given enough research and innovation, that private blockchains or public-private blockchains could become a workable reality.

Why am I saying all this? - because my mind was open enough to understand that nothing stands still and that structures change to accommodate. I mean, for example, some people can run small business very successfully, yet they may not have what it takes to go to the next level. Same with crypto. For all it's faults, look at the rise of ethereum... and yes, they have Santander on board. We can safely say, the community and the money pouring into crypto is a hell of a lot different than a few years ago. We started out with flat-fees, permissionless payments and sticking it to the banks... and where are we now? - ATM compliance programmes and bitcoin debit cards without flat fees.

I'm not specifically knocking dash here, I'm simply saying fintech is running at a rapid pace and it's sometimes hard for the brain to keep up. Yes, dash is definitely not the original dream, but it's a new reality. Not just dash, the whole crypto space is a new reality. We have to open our minds and let it mould to this reality. Like a good marriage, "for better or worse". And that's why I think taking a break from it all, is perfectly understandable.

For anyone who wants a really good read, I highly recommend "The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires" by Tim Wu.


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Jul 26, 2016
There have been threads in which @TheDashGuy let off some steam recently. I read them and thought to myself, "This guy is too emotionally involved". Let me say that I am new here. I am beginning to invest time and effort into dash. I have created Master Nodes. I have created a couple of videos. I am working on a website. But, I can also see how I could possibly sink in too deep, getting my emotions too involved, perhaps having certain expectations that don't come about, and then feeling let down.
@TheDashGuy I wish you well. I hope you will be back with us soon. And I hope I will be one of the guys who welcomes you back. Take some time to find peace and happiness because that is worth more than any amount of Dash in the universe. Peace!
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Feb 25, 2015
Sydney Australia
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Far out, didn't see that coming. I'd thought you would always be around. I've just taken a 3 month break from hourly checking on the crypto world and Dash, checking charts, accounts, the myriad of online articles published everyday and I get back and your running off.


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May 9, 2014
This is unfortunate. @TheDashGuy has broken many things around him many times, but he wants Dash to succeed and he's done a lot to help achieve that. We should all be able to work together towards a common goal even if we don't agree on many things. I hope he comes back, even knowing that if he does, we'll probably agree on very little.
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Apr 23, 2016
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