Education-based marketing at University (Germany)

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Nov 20, 2017
The basis of this proposal is the experience gained from the implementation of the previous proposal "Education-based marketing at University".

I am very grateful for the predominantly positive response and the opportunity to win the minds and hearts of young people to DASH.

The cooperation with the DASH Embassy D-A-CH team is very fruitful. However, we believe that it is much easier for all parties to finance this project separately. I have not received any payments from Embassy, the budgets should be managed separately. We continue to stand for common goals and exchange experiences and materials in weekly Joure fix. This quasi-internal "competition" is an advantage for all parties involved.

Because this simplifies the cooperation with the university and the advertising via the university marketing is significantly cheaper, the following proposal has a duration of seven months.

Below is an overview of what I have learned from the implementation of the previous proposal and corresponding improvements:

Find additional acceptance points, support with implementation and accounting. Present new dealers in a media-effective way
Network the merchants so that DASH is not exchanged into euros but remains in circulation as DASH.

Budget (seven months duration with 17 DASH per month)
-480 €/month seminar room rental (snacks and drinks are purchased in DASH)
-0.02 DASH/attendant to his wallet (e.g. with 100 att./month)
-67€/month email-marketing software
-1250€ for advertisement (one time payment)
-600€/month for advertisement (Flyer/Print/ Commercials in print-media / On-The-Ground-Promotion)
-500 €/month scholarships for scientific work on DASH (paid in DASH)
-Other (reserve/party sponsor/personnel)
-5 DASH for this proposal (network fee)
-Expense allowance for Martin Okunnuga

The project is scalable and will be adapted to the current price per DASH in scope and additional duration.


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Dec 3, 2017
Caracas, Venezuela
I have always said that educational proposals should be always a priority, and more if it is targeted to the youth! Your goals seems to be similar to the Dash Youth Venezuela proposal from Santos, you could try to exchange your ideas with them and see how you can work in alliance and improve your models with the experience from each other.

I am glad to see that you point your results, what you have learned and what are going to do to improve your results, it is pretty impressive. We (Dash Help Venezuela) will provide information to the D-A-CH once we go live and collect enough information from our help requests (we are in contact we AnCapitol- great person btw), I hope this info helps to your project too.

Extra: I recommend you to have a specialized help desk for issues and questions from attendees. From our experience (comment #70) in Dash Caracas conferences this is highly needed. We solve aprox 230 issues per conference, and this service makes the difference. Think about it! I can help you if you have any question.

Best regards and good luck.
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Ezio Rojas

Feb 7, 2018
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Personally, I believe that education is an indispensable tool to expand the use of Dash.
I see that your project is very well prepared and presented as well as that you have also considered a lot of the necessary variables.
I hope you can succeed in this proposal and that you can achieve great changes in the German market.
Feb 23, 2018
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Yes, an effort focused on the right audience, in this case, young people, is the best way to bring DASH to everyone. In this sense, in Dash Guayana Venezuela we focused our second conference on university students at a major university in the locality. I like to see how you work for the same objectives in the old continent. Count on our support and willingness to exchange ideas. Greetings.
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May 29, 2017
Your last proposal was successful and you've used it as a stepping stone to make proper adjustments to make it even more successful. Your budget is reasonable, and you have a clear path forward. I don't imagine seeing much resistance here.

In regards to merchants, will you be seeking them out yourself, or are you hoping they'll attend the lectures? I'm just not understanding where merchant adoption fits in to your model...
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Nov 20, 2017
In regards to merchants, will you be seeking them out yourself, or are you hoping they'll attend the lectures?
Merchants can attend the lectures, but this will not be enough. So I will seek the merchants myself. Going from merchants door to door and take part in local merchants meetups.
(Two merchants already help me to promote the seminars. They lay out flyers in their shops.)
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