Education-based marketing at University (Germany)

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Sep 26, 2017
A conversion rate is measured by the number of potential visitors performing the desired action, whether the action is buying a product, filling out a form, or some other goal. In case of Dash it would be "becoming a Dash user", whatever that means, or installing a Dash wallet, or buying Dash.
your definition of the converion rate is totally right, and maybe you are also right by saying that the ROI for a single converion may be better with online advertisings, if the goal is to make people buy dash and install a wallet, but to get the true ROI of online advertisings and the education program we are planning it´s neccessary to have a look to the target groups. imagine you have a day trader who decides to buy dash because of a online ad on a investment website on the one hand, and on the other hand you have a student who may be in a leading position in a e-commerce company for example and integrates dash as a payment system... who will bring a better ROI?

I think we had the same discussion in the comments of a proposal of mine and since then I haven´t seen any online advertising proposals. maybe I just missed them or maybe there haven´t been any. If you are such a big fan of online advertisings, just create a proposal and get this started. In a good marketing mix both disciplines (on- and offline communications) should take place. we are working on offline projects mostly and in my opinion there is no need to fight our efforts as awkward as you do. this is everything but well-conceived.

If you want to keep your state of mind this is totally fine. Just vote "no". If not let´s wait until we see the results of this project and the results of an online campaign for making Dash a true digital Cash that can be used for daily transactions.

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We should vote no on things that are don't offer a measurable ROI or proposals with a conversion cost > $2. You're right that we don't see any online advertising and that's because we are not ready for mass marketing. We are also only marginally better than the other cryptos, and one could argue that other currencies have better product than us. Once Evolution is in live then I would support more marketing but always being respectful of our budget.