Dash Town Hall is nearly ready to launch


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Jul 12, 2015
Yeah I know the feeling... Well keep the project in mind and let me know of any more ideas. Btw dash.vote is taken now right? Which site did you find it on
You're too slow, someone took it :-D

You can search any decent domain name site, but be careful which site you choose because some of them are front running customer searches. It looks like someone bought it or transferred it to namecheap, which is a good choice.


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Aug 16, 2021
Qwizzie was asking about a features list, roadmap and estimated costs...

DTH current features:
Simple Proposal system overview
Public vote to express community opinion
Draft Proposal build tool
Request for proposal system
Vote delegation guide

DTH planned features:
Historical records of each proposal cycle
Historical MNO vote counts
Historical Public vote counts
Historical Proposal owner record of proposals submitted and Dash received
Delegate votes and reports on each proposal
Delegate vote history
Masternode monitoring tool including notifications

Forum with vote- prioritised comments and...
Collection of conversation currently spread across multiple platforms

Mobile application to make voting convenient
Notifications of voting deadline, proposal status changes etc.
Custodial voting including public vote designated votes
Obfuscation of votes through delegates
Best practices guide/wiki for security and privacy
Transparency guide for Proposal owners
Investor ELI5 guide to Dash and the proposal system
Code of ethics...guide to acceptable community behaviour


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Aug 16, 2021
Costs will be enough to cover the proposal fee initially and will slowly grow as features are added. The real increases will be associated with an increase in the team. The only team members I foresee needing now is moderators and delegates. Currently these positions are not paid, but it's possible that we could increase the quality of work and hence discussion by compensating these people for their time