DASH: Identity Problem (?)


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Jul 31, 2015
He left us for Ethereum.... of course lol
He actually went full-retard with Digibyte and Monero. I got his last video (which he also deleted b/c digibyte started tanking next day) on my comp. I might make a humorous compilation of all the flip-flops he has done one of these days.
From what I'm seeing it looks like he just goes with whichever way the wind is blowing. He's essentially a day trader, he says for him that investing in anything for even a couple months is a "long term investment". That's fine, it's just that he goes full blown hype about whatever he's invested in, and then moves on to the next thing.
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Jul 15, 2014
Dash Nation
I agree with Tao and don't agree Dash has an identity crisis at all. For me the purpose of Dash is to be a viable alternative to Bitcoin, that meant first to be private, instant and scalable, non of which Bitcoin really after it's initial growth, and I am only recently understanding how corporate and centralized Bitcoin is becoming. That is a very dangerous position for them to be in long term, the core value has always been decentralization, now you have Google / Yahoo / Horizons / AXA investing millions of $ into a private company the main devs work for and pretending they have no influence and 'represent that majority opinion', it couldn't really be going more wrong for the original ideals - not to mention pracitcally everything in outside of their 80 GB desktop client is centralized, whether that's BitPay, CoinBase, any kind of web or mobile access, mining, funding, decisions - you name it. More recently Dash has been about adding improved decentralization with decentralized funding and growing the masternode network, which is the strongest network after Bitcoin and potentially can be orders of magnitude larger in the future - why is that important? because all cryptocurrencies are internet services and such services need strong networks to support user activity.

The next step is Evolution which is about taking Cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, this is a screenshot of the welcome screen of the new prototype which explains more about what it's doing.

View attachment 2342

This all takes time, but for me the answer to Dash's identity is doing what Bitcoin was supposed to do but is now refusing to do - providing a decentralized currency for average people to escape the clutches of banks or any other centralized authority, period. Privacy, scalability, resilience, decentralization, speed, accessibility, ease of use, we need to innovate to stay at the top of all of those, and they are all priorities in my opinion. I don't expect the speculators in the crypto space to really understand this yet but the people here do and that is our strength. Just keep doing what we're doing and innovate, there is no crisis there as I see it, quite the opposite.
Well thought out response. Welcome to Rebelmouse!
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