Create your budget proposal and lobby for votes with Dashwhale


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Jun 19, 2014
Creating a DASH proposal that get's funded takes 3 things:

  1. a good description of your initiative
  2. a place to lobby for votes with high concentration of masternode owners
  3. technical knowledge how to submit your proposal

Create your proposal with Dashwhale to benefit from:

How do i create my proposal with Dashwhale?
  1. use our proposal generator or just enter as URL while you submit your proposal
  2. 15-60 minutes after submission, your proposal appears on and you are able to claim the proposal ownership
  3. as the proposal owner, you are highlighted in discussion and you can enter the proposal title & description. You will also be able post progress reports and documents soon.

Here you'll find an example screenshot of the proposal page (ownership claimed by Raganius) and the new proposal generator:

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