BTCPay Server as DASH payment processor


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Mar 20, 2017
Hi guys,

I've came across the BTCPay Server and it looks pretty good: open-source, self-hosted, 0% middle-man fee, support for BTC and DASH, it uses Bitpay API, so integration should be also easy.

Have anyone of you tried it? Does it really support DASH and InstantSend?
I've found this discussion, but it only says that they were working on the InstantSend part and probably didn't finish:

Does someone contribute into the BTCPay project from the Core team by any chance?


Dash Core Group
Dash Support Group
Feb 13, 2016
Hi there - I have tried managed to successfully install it last year, before the InstantSend integration was attempted, and helped get some of the templates right. I was going to give it another try over the next few days once some other work is out of the way to see if anything is still not working. I anticipate that standard transactions will work fine, and possibly also IS transactions since the old ix messages have now been replaced with tx messages instead. BTCPayServer may need to watch out for these in order to determine when it should consider a transaction final, but this shouldn't be too difficult.

Ping me on Discord if you are there and we can give this a try if you like!