2019 roadmap


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Aug 6, 2014
Hi All,

is there a roadmap for 2019? Can't seem to find it on Dash's landing page.
I'm using this site as roadmap for now : http://www.dashroadmap.org/
Although it needs some updating (broken link at v0.14 part) and seems to be more of a community driven effort then an officially supported roadmap.

I do find it increasingly annoying that we still have an outdated roadmap on github (https://github.com/dashpay/dash-roadmap) and that Dash.org (https://www.dash.org/evolution/) is directly linking to it.
Surely the new roadmap that was presented to us in our last Dash Quarterly Call as a draft (see below), has advanced enough by now to replace it with ?
Frankly it starts to feel like someone made a draft of a roadmap and then forgot to officially implement it on our websites.

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