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    Dash Security-Privacy Paper

    Reading ...
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    Däsh oder was .... ?

    Ich wünsch euch alles gute.
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    Rebranding = looking for regulation?

    Tell me about it...
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    Rebranding = looking for regulation?

    They wont admit, but I read a 'yes' between the lines.
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    Rebranding and Scalability

    Dash will die and Darkcoin succeed. Obviously.
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    WTS domain

    any offers pm
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    Rebranding and Scalability

    we are forked off bitcoin 0.9 not 0.10
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    Rebranding and Scalability

    First get the technology done, then we cant talk about a branding.
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    Rebranding and Scalability

    No offense, but you have no idea. Darkcoin is technological behind Bitcoin by around 18 months of hard work and we are simply adding some interesting, experiemental features on top of that. Darkcoin sure is innovative and delivering a product people actually want, but if you say stuff like that...
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    Rebranding and Scalability

    Mass adoption, in your dreams. You guys talk like you live in a bubble. Darkcoin has a clear selling point that's being a dark coin. If you are scared of the word dark you might be in the wrong section of the net. Evan, is that you? So, is that really set in...
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    Rebranding and Scalability

    It took so much time to mature the identity of darkcoin, why throw it away? In some areas I get the answer to "Why not Darkcoin?" - "Probably it's too new."... After a year of existence. I oppose the rebranding. We can succeed technological with whatever name we got, but we cant mature a brand...
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    v0.11.2.x Testing

    done thanks
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    [2015-03-09] Spiegel: Parallelwährung: Bitcoins für Griechenland

    Ich empfehle dringenst die Kommentare zu lesen, aber am Besten mit einer Flasche Bier und einer Tüte Humor. ;-)