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    CoinWatch: Masternode Hosting | Col-wallet Monitoring | Price alerts A service that helps you monitor your cold-wallets - Get notifications and email whenever a transaction is made to your cold-storage (Trezor, masternode payments .. etc, just add your wallet address) - Push notifications on price, add your own rules and never miss that...
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    Dash Poker

    unfortunately not that popular yet, wuold work if you pre-arrange with your friends
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    WTS Selling copies of (Web + Android)

    Hi all, I am selling copies of which includes: - License for 1 domain (Compiled Backend) - Android source code (modify it to your taste) - Front-end source code (Modify it however you like) - Backend brain valid for a single domain only (compiled service) - Full...
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    Dash Poker

    My weakness is the interface, i can code anything on the backend side, but when it comes to interface I need and artist :p Thanks for the bug reports, I will fix them once i finish with my other projects, or if someone decides to purchase a copy and run a game for his own.
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    Dash Poker

    Kicking off Dash is has not been integrated yet as I need to make sure there are no bugs! However there are "play-money" which enables you to play for free, and helps me in turn find and fix any bugs Also registered users will be the first to know once Dash has been...
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    Just lunched ! roulette-like verifiable dash betting!

    Just lunched ! roulette-like verifiable dash betting!
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    Dash Bets on mined dash blocks!

    Hi everyone! Now I am back after a 'very' long break (other projects), and will start spinning off some dash websites soon! Starting off with which is a simple betting platform: 1 - You bet on a future Dash block (current block + 2) 2 - Bets are locked when that block is...
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    iOS Wallet Warning!

    What do you expect from those who removed the headphone jack? and the escape button!?
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    send me via pm ir phone number u used and where to refund and I will do it. no problem :)
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    Plans are for January. might relaunch it and will need some promotion
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    October 2015 Budget Proposal

    I can build the website, what kind of functionality is required?
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    Not sure how many users can it handle yet, there's no problem with the server, it's huge with 64GB RAM 16 cores 5gbit bandwidth, but not sure how many the whatsapp protocol can handle per second, i don't think it is an issue, but let's try gradually . i am improving it a little bit now
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    If the whatsapp wallet worked fine why not! no problem doing it as well :)
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    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    Ok guys, i iwll leave the system running and improve it when i have time, no problem :)